The most important beaches of Boracay

The beautiful beaches of Boracay are true tropical paradise according to some visitors. The island is very small, long about 7 km away and the middle part is only 1 km. It could even say that Boracay Island is part of the tourist attractions of the Philippines.

Why choose this place for vacation? Mostly because of the nice beaches covered with fine white sand, warm and clear seawater and a wide variety of water sports.The first beach, which will stop your attention is located in the north - Puka beach.

The wind from the sea is strong and permanent, and therefore there can be practicing kiteboarding and windsurfing. The beach is quite narrow, and behind it there is a thick tropical forest. There are two main beaches of Boracay Island.

The western beach called White Beach, Long is about 4 km. Bookmark and Share

Beaches of Boracay photogallery

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Natural beaches of Boracay

Here the majority of hotels, restaurants and beach bars. In the shallow waters near the beach there are some rocks which have plozhadka, a popular photo and selfie. From October to May all the bars and restaurants are working around the clock to visitors.

During the rest of the climatic conditions are unfavorable to rest because there are many typhoons that cause much damage to the coastal zone. Besides water attractions at the beach offer typical Filipino massage and spa treatments. On most visited Boracay Island has golf courses, horseback riding and motocross.

To not get bored guests of this enchanting place there is, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling and fishing.

Bulabog eastern beach is about one mile, also attracts many tourists and surfers from around the world. The entire length of the beach is underwater reef that stops the big waves of the ocean.

In calm weather this reef can see diverse marine life. The largest port on the island of Boracay is Cagban Port is located in the south. There are several small beaches such as Punta Bunga Beach and Ilig Iligan Beach, which are also very calm and exotic.

The highest point on the island of Boracay is Mount Luho. Here is seen the entire island and may possibly shoot panoramic photos. The restaurant serves Asian and European cuisine, and bars and discos are available for night parties under the open sky.

The population of the island of Boracay is approximately 10,000 and serves hotels and restaurants.

Fishing is also well developed, as well as many other Indonesian and Philippine islands. The closest islands are Carabao Island and the island of Panay.

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