The most important attractions in Rimatara

Beautiful attractions on Rimatara island , as well as 10 amazing pictures you can see in this interesting article. Rimantara Island is part of French Polynesia. It is located 550 km south of Tahiti Island and west of Rurutu Island.

It has an approximate round shape and is surrounded by reefs that prevent large ships from landing in the harbor. The highest one is 83 meters high, the three settlements are respectively the capital Amaru to the east, Anapoto to the northwest and Mutuaura to the south. This is one of the last Polynesian islands that was discovered by Europeans.

It is for this reason that missionaries from Bora Bora came here later to create a Protestant mission. France annexed Rimatara Island in 1901 and is currently establishing a protectorate. There are only luxurious bungalows for the island's guests, which are rare because here life is rather dull and monotonous.

There are endemic species of animals, such as a Malay parrot, which somehow has fallen into those latitudes of the Pacific and the noisy cane-mocker. From another point of view, Rimatara is part of the Australian islands along with Rurutu, Tubuai and Raivavae. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Rimatara

It has a voucnic character, and the reefs around the island are heavily eroded. This remote location has its own charm and charm.

Beautiful white sandy beaches decorated with coral reefs, clear lagoon water and several rocks running over the water make Rimatara an attractive place for romantic couples in love.

Here, you will enjoy a quiet swim and the burning sunshine. Because the island is too small it is easy to walk on foot or by bicycle. The humorous tropical vegetation and the Tarot, Pandanus or Nono.

The landing of colorful parrots and banana trees full of fresh fruit are just some of the attractions on this island. The local population is engaged in agricultural fishing and handmade knit baskets, knit hats, peue, muslin necklaces and pupu. There is one woodcarving workshop that has preserved ancient art until nowadays.

Rarely young people want to continue this craft for future generations. You must have realized that the island of Rimatara is a preferred destination for people seeking tranquility in countries of the crumbling routes of major tourist operators.

Here are preserved several historical, archaeological sites: the royal tombs, Teruatavae caves and others. Permanent residents of the island are about 800. The best way to arrive here is by plane from Tahiti Island, but there is a possibility for a boat for 2 weeks. This is really an authentic island that is not to miss to visit!

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