Beaches of Greece desirable destination for lovers

Some of you have read Greek mythology and know how many interesting adventures have become the mythical beaches of Greece. Greece is a place with many best things which many of us don’t know, as it is famous with its idyllic resorts and castaway islands.

It has the best foodies, resorts, events in a week etc. If planning a vacation to Greece, then things must are high quality camera to capture the most memorable and scenic beauty of this place. Here are the most fascinating beaches of Greece. 

Elafonisi, Chania, Crete - Expressions can't portray the excellence of this special Cretan area. It should be an island (its names implies dear island in Greek), on the other hand you can walk there. The water is clear as can be and as blue as the sky. The vacation spot is an eminent brilliant pink colour, which you won't find in whatever available place on the planet. Over 30 various types of jeopardized plants are discovered around Elafonisi.

Seychelles, Ikaria - It has been the called the Jamaica of the Aegean Sea. This is one of Ikaria's most interesting shores and beautiful attractions in Greece. The stone rock shore is found inside a beautiful and personal bay setting. It is placed 25 km west of Agios Kirikos, just after the tunnel that leads further on into the village of Manganitis.

Galifos, Folegandros - Galifos is a spot you have to visit in the event that you need to come closer to nature. At that sublime coast, the warm water is incredible, so why not experience something a little distinctive? Balos, Chania, Crete - This is a sunny shore which is great known inside and outside of Greece. The landscape is astounding and the waters completely clear. Bookmark and Share

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Agiokampos Evia Greek beaches
Aspri Limni Chania Crete Greek beaches
Balos Chania Crete Greek beaches
Chalikiada Agistri Greek beaches
Crete Balos Chania Greek beaches
chania elafonisi Greek beaches
Egkremnoi Lefkada Greek beaches
Hiliadou Evia Greek beaches
Seychelles Ikaria Greek beaches
Voutoumi Antipaxos Greek beaches

Top 10 beaches of Greece

To get to Balos you have to be in an investigating mind-set since you have to drive 15 km rough terrain and stroll down 2km.

Voutoumi, Antipaxos - Numerous consider Voutoumi one of the best sunny shores in Greece. It is surely a standout amongst the most colourful ones! Placed on the modest island of Antipaxos .You will uncover a ton of greenery encompassing the sunny shore, in a few spots indeed, arriving at the sand. The green-blue colour of the waters is staggering.

Egkremnoi, Lefkada - Less acclaimed than the close by Porto Katsiki, Egkremnoi vacation spot is placed in Lefkada, the best place to be for beach beaus in Greece. The expansive sandy bayou is encompassed by amazing creations of rocks. You'll have to head off down 250 strides to get there and you will find sunny shore umbrellas to lease.

Chiliadou, Evia. A wild excellent sunny shore in Central Evia, just 2,5 hours far from Athens. High precipices chestnut trees sedges and greeneries, accelerating the sun-soaked vacation spot. Remember to visit the ocean buckle on rough shore only 100 meters north from the nudist beach.

Aspri Limni, Chania, Crete - Dazzling as it may be, Aspri Limni is still virtually obscure to voyagers. The fairly little sunny shore with fine, white sand is encompassed by numerous rocks making a regular dam and a lake. The natural criticalness of the area is gigantic, in light of the fact that you can uncover the phoenix theofrasti, the Cretan Palm.

Chalikiada, Agistri - An extraordinary decision for those of you going to Athens and need a speedy getaway to a close-by island. Agistri perhaps little, however only one hour from the port of Piraeus and a pleasant place to visit. Chalikiada could be discovered close to touristic region of Skliri.

Agiokampos, Evia - This green, tranquil desert spring is one of the quietest and most wonderful areas in North Evia. Just 2.5 hours far from Athens, the beach of Agiokampos, Anybody going to Evia may as well take the chance to investigate and experience its amazing excellence. Check your flight details soon to make your journey by utilising facility provided by us to know the budget airlines that fly location you wish to travel.

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