Natural landmarks in Bangladesh

Historical and natural attractions in Bangladesh have much in common with the attractions in Myanmar and Palaces in India. This exotic country is located in South Asia and has access to the Bay of Bengal. The landscape of the south is highly uneven, as the main part of the territory is occupied by plains and lowlands.

Phenomena are often droughts and floods due to its low altitude. Natural attractions in Bangladesh are concentrated mostly in the deltas of the rivers Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna. To the north is hilly terrain where there are the highest parts of Bangladesh, Chittagong hills and hills Silhet. The average altitude does not exceed 600 to 900 meters.

Between the hills in the lower part there are many fertile valleys, where the local population and mainly crop - rice. Most rivers passing through this part of the country and flow into the Bay of Bengal. Most historical sites in Bangladesh is in the capital Dhaka. Visit the so-called pink palace Ahsan Manzil. It was built in the period 1859 to 1869. He is currently a museum. Similar monument are the ruins of the Buddhist Vihara complex in the village of Paharpur. Bookmark and Share

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Architectural landmarks in Bangladesh

You will feel the splendid atmosphere of early Buddhism, the simple, harmonious lines of the partition decoration. Be sure to visit one of the islands of Bangladesh. First among them is the island of St Martin Saint Martin's island.

This is a very beautiful and very small coral island that can safely traverse on foot, because it is only 8 sq. km. In fact, the island is quite remote from the mainland of Bangladesh and there are only going from April to October. 30 km. From the capital Dhaka is the ancient city Sanargaon.

One of the oldest capitals of Bangladesh with interesting monuments and izkustvoto.Gradat is the center of arts and crafts. There are quite a few museums and temples. Visit Goaldi mosque and the art museum.

The most important landmarks in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is divided into provinces, as each of them can be seen as something interesting attraction or landmark. For example, in Rajshahi Province, which is one of the biggest you can visit the Buddhist Paharpur monastery, the temple Kantahin or sightseeing Mahasthangarh.

In Teknaf River Naaf can make a journey by water on both sides of the river you can enjoy the dense rain forest and rich wildlife. Countryside Chittagong is the largest port , which is a prerequisite for more tourists and traders. Around the city there are many green hills , beautiful sandy beaches and cool places for relaxation and recreation.

Chittagong is known as a city of Muslim saints. Visit the world famous Star Mosque in Mahuli. Very distinctive architectural building with five domes and beautiful decoration of large glowing stars.

Floor of the mosque is of mosaic, and the walls are floral motifs. Everything is built in complete harmony between man and nature.

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