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Hot summer in Bangkok attractions put many tourists to the test. Not accidentally called it the most mysterious city in Southeast Asian tourist attractions - a clash between tradition and modernity.

First impressions Bangkok attractions for visitors are surprised by the futuristic billboards, which are covered skyscrapers, but if you take several steps in countries of the main roads for visitors will find yourself in countless alleys of the city with traditional Thai culture. Everywhere there are plenty of smells, tastes, sounds and sights of entertainment. In Bangkok attractions there is a proper balance between expensive (modern) and the esoteric. If you take the train for their movement within a few minutes you can go as a time machine and mix with 11 million population. As tourism tours of Bangkok attractions you can include Palace "Suan Phakkad", Museum of ceramics and pottery, the Wax Museum and the museum "Prasaf". To the Bangkok attractions we can add another 10 public parks,are the lungs of this cosmopolitan city.

Often they become a center of many cultural events such as: Park "Saranrom", Park "Rommaninat", Park "Santichaiprakan" and more... Although in landmarks of Thailand in last years had plenty of political shocks, Bangkok remains one of the safest cities in the world. Serious crime against foreign tourists are extremely rare. Bookmark and Share

Top 10 Bangkok attractions photo gallery

thailand chao phraya
Bangkok house of jim thompson
wat arum in Bangkok
Bangkok street market
Bangkok ancient town
Bangkok new sity
Thailand wat phra kaew
Bangkok ancient temple Thailand
Bangkok wat phra kaew temple
Bangkok chao phraya river

The greatest Bangkok attractions

The best time to visit Bangkok attractions is during the cool season from November to February, because the monsoons come in March and then heat.

Wat Pra Kaew - Temple of the Emerald Buddha. These Buddha statues are among the attractions in Indonesia. Holy statue is housed in a beautifully decorated hall, and temple walls are covered with exquisite frescoes. Grand Palace complex - Royal Complex situated on an artificial island in the Chao Phraya River.

Top Ten Bangkok attractions

Wat Po - A one hundred fifty foot reclining Buddha statue. It houses the largest collection of Buddha images in the country.

National Museum in Bangkok - The largest museum in the country. Offers exhibitions illustrating the Thai history and collections of Buddha images, textiles, ceramics, musical instruments and weapons.
Wat Aroon - Great Temple of the dawn of the 19th century rising the west bank of the Chao Praya, the main tower is covered with impressive mosaics made ​​from pieces of Chinese porcelain.
Tha Pra Chan - This extended riverside market where selling religious amulets and carvings. Impressed with the wide variety of brass figures. Several small restaurants overlooking the river provide cheaper and quality food. Lumphini Park - is another Bangkok attractions, the only place in downtown Bangkok where greenery and an artificial lake, which are well maintained. Early in the morning, local practice tai chi and sletobed ​​have aerobics classes. Night is the time of the prostitutes.

Jim Thompson House - Traditional Thai wooden house, once home to Thompson - U.S. spy and founder of Thai silk production. In 1967 he mysteriously disappeared in Malaysia. In the house you can see a collection of antiques and personal belongings.

Theater "Chalerm Krung" - tours of Bangkok finished for the latest Bangkok attractions, which you can visit. Built to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Bangkok in 1932 .

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