The most important attractions in Bako National Park

Bako National Park Malaysia is located near the Sarawak Village. It is the oldest national park in Malaysia. Here you can see romantic sandy beaches that are hidden from the big rush once a day. The incredible rock formations are part of the sights of Bako National Park.

The jungle in places is impassable so follow the paths. Beware of monkeys and macaques because they are very stealing, especially if it is food. Water in the South China Sea is warm all year round, so you can bathe and swim peacefully. It is important to know that transport to Bako National Park is dependent on tides, as well as the weather forecast. Before I came here, especially at this place, I had read a lot.

The best remembrance is the following phrase: "This is the greatest park we've ever seen." I skeptical because I have traveled around the world, but as is often the case in life until you visit one place you have no idea about it. The blink of my glance at the window to the river, the virgin jungle, and the mountains I realized was my place. I can not describe you in words the lonely beaches, the great tranquility, the lovely vegetation and the sounds of wild animals. On the other hand, there are not so many amenities for us Europeans such as large moisture, carnivorous plants, narigudo apes most common on Borneo Island and the specific smell. Bookmark and Share

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Nature in Bako National Park

The lack of civilization is fascinating, and let it remain in the future. There are no resorts, roads (except eco-paths), no construction, but only nature. The only way to get here is a fast boat and your own legs to climb the rocks in the jungle. This is the reason why some tourists come here - for our great joy.

Here you can meet a few travelers and nature lovers who stay in one day. We slept in our tent, which is always with us. I'm glad there are still such virgin places on Earth as Bako National Park Malaysia.

During all these years of traveling around the world, I have seen many things and felt the taste of nature, but here it is different. From these beaches and landscapes my skin is bruised, the sticky damp heat that sinks into my skin, the feeling of the sweat that is sweeping through me through the difficult jungle paths.

Each step is a fantastic look at a new unlucky pleasure. In the jungle or on the beach you may encounter wild pigs, the narigudo monkeys, which are protected species and are in danger of extinction.

Sometimes we do not notice them until they drop on you hanging on a branch. In Bako National Park Malaysia there are 17 trails, believe me every one worth it as if you got into the King Kong movie.

Climbing is sometimes difficult without the help of the lianas, but climbing on top of your eyes opens an incredible view. You just lose speech and a picture, a real glamor. Every new landscape is more amazing. I want to stay here forever. This is only a small part of attractions in Malaysia, natural wonders and in particular the attractions in Borneo , for which we have written in previous articles.

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