Landmarks in Bahrain, the pearl of the Persian Gulf

If you want to learn about culture and landmarks in Bahrain, far from our European concepts, you  have come to the right place - arabian island of Bahrain. Perfect place for romance and exotic touch concurrent with much luxury and surprises. Bahrain is the biggest country in the Gulf with a population almost entirely Muslim.

Prepare to see many of landmarks in Bahrain - mosques and palaces in oriental style like attractions in Morocco. You feel that you are in the tales of 1001 Nights of Scheherazade. Maybe you noticed veiled faces of women in arabian island Bahrain and loud prayers of Muslim priest in speakers if you're near a mosque.

The history of Bahrain is divided into two periods: before and after  discovery of oil in 1992. From this year until today is the country's history turns 180 degrees. Another interesting landmarks in Bahrain is Arad Fortress. The castle is one of the most important and forts in Bahrain. It was built like any other Islamic strongholds in the late 15th and early 16th century. Fort was restored in 1980, but the process takes three years.

To preserve historical identity and value of the fortress using the same materials from which it was built - coral stone, wood and lime. Bookmark and Share

Top 10 Landmarks in Bahrain photo gallery

al fateh mosque
Historical Bahrain port
Bahrain night sity
Historical Arad stronghold
Bahrain Historical landscape
airport in Bahrain
world trade center in Bahrain
new autoban in Bahrain
old port in Bahrain
Historical Manama center in Bahrain

Shiny skyscrapers were built and places that were only sand is a paradise for people and visitors to the island.

One of the landmarks in Bahrain is Manama is the capital, which rises in the world's only monument of pearl, which is dedicated to leading in the past producer of pearls.

Do not miss to visit the fortress of Arad and Qalat Al Bahrain, one of the symbols of Landmarks in Bahrain, and 25 km long bridge connecting the island with Saudi Arabia.

Landmarks in Bahrain -one island and one religion

It is the name of King Fahd and the most expensive bridge in the world.

The National Museum is also a favorite attraction, because there are preserved artifacts from 9000 years ago, including facts about the Quran (Holy book of Muslims). After a tour of historic sites experience the metropolis of the Orient, except where busy people will see a lot of malls like attractions in Europe style, full of oriental goods.

Sellers there are very nice but sometimes very boring with the attention and demand for its product.

Try oriental cuisine, which is very nutritious, with an emphasis on lean red meat, rice and strong spices. Another interesting landmarks in Bahrain is a walk in the back of a camel and share the lifestyle of local Bedouins.

East of the arabian island of Bahrain is Al Muharak island, which is still kept the spirit of the country before finding a lot of oil.

Historical landmarks in Bahrain buildings here are the home of Sheikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, as well as ports Qalat Arad and Abu Machir.

Interest is also a camel farm of Sheikh Muhammad al Khalifa.

Before we finish our tour of the island of Bahrain we suggest you visit the Royal Tombs. They are most numerous in the world, numbering more than 170,000 tombs during the kingdom of Dilmun. From these historical landmarks in Bahrain we learn about funeral at the time. For more tourist attractions click here ...

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