Natural and historical landmarks in Azerbaijan

According to some travelers the landmarks in Azerbaijan are among the most beautiful in the Caucasus Mountains. They have much in common with the attractions in Armenia and natural landmarks in Georgia because they are neighbors.

Aside from some coastal parts of Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea and along the border with Armenia is a mountainous country. In Azerbaijan are two major mountain ranges Lesser Caucasus and Great Caucasus.

Between them runs the largest river Kura, which forms an alluvial valley and flows through the delta in the Caspian Sea.

The main tourist landmarks in Azerbaijan are historical and cultural monuments, which are a prerequisite for a possible religious tourism and medical tourism. Of course the most interesting objects are gathered in the capital Baku. Visit the old part of this beautiful city, which is protected by UNESCO. Here are Palace of the Shirvanshahs, old fortress of Baku and hen tower. There are mixed cultures during the period of existence of this sacred place. It is best preserved Maiden tower and stag in the twelfth century, which was built on seven buildings - the sixth century BC. Bookmark and Share

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Top 10 landmarks in Azerbaijan

Palace of the Shirvanshahs was built in the fifteenth century and is a true masterpiece of Azerbaijani architecture. Natural landmarks in Azerbaijan can mention the most famous - rock reserve Gobustan.

A huge area of scattered rocks on which ancient people have left their marks for us. Rock drawings are 5000 years, most of them show the life of the population at that time.

The most visited landmarks in Azerbaijan

Then the climate was different and the ground was covered with lush vegetation and rich fauna. Azerbaijan possesses inexhaustible natural resources such as oil in the Caspian Sea and several thousand lar4,000 species, including large forests of oak, hornbeam and beech. The fauna is represented by 12 000 species, is the largest bear, deer, red deer, wild boar and rabbit.

Of the national wealth of Azerbaijan can mention a very young reserve Absheron. Founded in 2005 by decree of the president, you can see the jackal, rabbit, badger, deer and fox, and from aquatic anige and small rivers that flow into the 250 lakes.

The largest lake is Sarisu area 67 square kilometers. The climate is subtropical, with dry and cool summers and mild wet winters. Vegetation is represented by approximately

mals swans, gulls and ducks. All of these are protected species.

Here is a list of the top ten landmarks in Azerbaijan: Baku Old Town, Maiden tower in Baku, the concentration of mud volcanoes in Gobustan, Palace of the Shirvanshahs, petroglyphs at Gobustan, illuminated circular fountain in Baku Government House in Baku, the medieval town of Lankaran, Caucasus Mountains and museum temple Ateshgah.

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