The most important attractions in Bohol island

For the next few days, we would visit four of the islands in this region, the attractions on Bohol island Philippines, Cebu island , Apo island and Dumaguete. It did not matter in what sequence we would do it and we chose the first to be the island of Bohol, even though we land on Cebu Island. For that, we had to catch a ferry to Tabigliran. The next day had to be fully utilized because, as I said earlier, it would have been our only opportunity to explore the island.

But I think it's more expensive than on the spot, but in fact, we got up at 07.00, we called the Filipino breakfast and we headed for the main road to we can catch a tricycle to drive us to Tagliarran.With the "enviable" we've gotten a young man to take us to the 200 PHP bus terminal, and the first place we stopped was the Terriers farm - the smallest primates on the planet - sweet, miniature animals with long tails, nails and huge eyes. PHP On the farm you can not walk alone, there is a guide who knows where the bungalows are hiding and shows them to the tourists. And, well, it is because they are really so miniature that we would probably never have to notice them . We continued on to the second desired attraction - a cruise on the Lobok River with lunch included. It had already been 12:00 and although we were used to eating later, we were happy to board the boat. Paying input 450 PHP has different companies doing the cruises, I do not know if it matters which boat you will be uploading, in this case maybe not. Boating takes place about half an hour before departure, everyone has a place. During this time, the buffet is served. The courses take place between 10.00 and 15.00, so if you wanted to visit this attraction, it is good to get it in your program. Bookmark and Share

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Personally, I am pleased with the experience - there was music, the food was nice, beautiful and exotic landscapes alternated around us, what more I want. I was impressed that most of the tourists were Filipinos, or at least only we were Europeans, everyone else with their eyes drawn. There were more views of the exotic Filipino reality.

After a very short trip, we reached one of the top attractions of Bohol Island - Chocolate Hills. The chocolate hills are natural formations, with a conical shape, covered with green grass, which becomes brown during the dry season, from where their name comes. They say there are at least 1260 such hills on 50 km2 area. Well, we were not in the dry season, so we saw them green. Besides, the light at this time of the day (after noon) was not good at taking pictures at all, there was something like a haze. Maybe it would be best to start the island's tour of them. Chocolate Hills Entrance: 50 PHP. Here we needed to recharge the batteries a little bit, and we were tempted to buy a lady as fresh-tasting coconut juice, or else coconut milk. I've never had a worse and tasteless drink in my life, but at least it was cold. A few days later, on the island of Borneo, once again I wish to drink coconut milk, this time directly from coconut - I have already convinced myself that this is not my drink and probably will be for the last - the same the bloody liquid that I tried the first time on the Chocolate Hills. Bamboo Hanging Bridge - 20 PHP The hanging bamboo bridge over the Sipathan River is a fun tourist attraction. It was originally built only from bamboo and ropes. Today, the bridge is also reinforced with steel ropes, giving it extra stability. In fact, there are currently two bridges, one running one way, and the other one in the other.And while we were hesitantly approaching the shifting bridge, the two Filipino girls stood boldly on their feet. It was our last object of the day. On our way back, our driver spent another route and saw somewhat different views. Unfortunately, it was already dark. At this time in the Philippines, the sun sets at about 17:30 and the day turns out to be quite short and almost no twilight. What I did not like on the islands in the Philippines is the terrible odor that happens in the evening when almost everywhere there is a fire and I think coconut shells burn because of a very heavy coconut smell. We decided to ask our driver not to leave us at Taggliranan but to take us directly to hotel on Panglao Island.

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