The most interesting attractions of Kos island

Meet the most beautiful attractions of Kos island, you can visit not only in summer but also in other seasons of the year. Where is this paradise? In southern Aegean island group Southern Sporades only a few kilometers from the Turkish coast and in particular to Bodrum.

The largest city in Kos bears the name of the island and other settlements are small, mostly resort towns. Sandy beaches and beautiful scenery attract tourists most intense in the summer, but for lovers of solitude and tranquility, most hotels operate year-round.

Besides beautiful Mediterranean beaches, Kos is famous ancient Greek legends, according to which there is the home of Hippocrates. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions of Kos island

Traditionally the island are grown peanuts and spices, carpets are made and there are bustling markets. During the summer, this enchanting place is crowded by tourists, in the port of Kos includes luxury yachts of millionaires and world stars of show business.

Kos Marina is the main port and tourist center with many restaurants and hotels. Here is the only preserved Crusader castle. Inside there is a well-preserved castle built between 1450 and 1478 Near the castle is the tree of Hippocrates.

Suspected here 2400 years ago Hippocrates lectured on medicine to his students. Visit the old capital Kefalos, a small village with nice restaurants and bars for young people who have come to sojourn freely away from the big city.

10 km from Kefalos is the most beautiful resort - Paradise beach, which will surprise you with very clean water and white sand beach.

If you want to taste delicious Mediterranean food and get to know the culture of Greece and its islands to lounge lazily on the sand of some exotic beach - Kos is your preferred destination. In the Aegean Sea there are many beautiful islands and resorts that you can see if you rent a motor yacht or boat.

Many of its islands plilichat the white-washed houses with red roofs and vegetation. The water is very salty and clean, conducive to diving. There is an opportunity to practice all kinds of water sports, as long as you come to the right place. Another similar destination in this region is attractions on Astypalaia island .

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