Natural attractions of Christmas Island

The main attractions of Christmas Island, which can possibly think of is the migration of pelagic red crabs.

If you have time and desire to search the Internet images of this small island in the Indian Ocean, immediately strikes you curious landscape of red crabs.

If you spend your holiday just before the rainy season of Christmas Island, which begins end of November and beginning of December, you will see what you write about in this article. Literally the entire island is covered with red crabs that migrate towards the sea.

According to zoologists and natural defenders number several million. For this reason, the roads are closed to cars to not crush shellfish. This tropical island is too small for the development of large-scale tourism. Bookmark and Share

Attractions of Christmas Island photo gallery

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Unique moments among the attractions of Christmas Island

The population is only 1,500 people, which are principally engaged in mining and export of phosphate.

The coastline is about 75 kilometers, convenient for tourists beaches are several: Dolly Beach, Aton Beach, Winifred Beach and Aton Beach. The average annual temperature is very good for tourism - 27 ° C, the sand is soft and pleasant to the skin, the water is clean - ideal for diving and underwater fishing.

63% of the territory of Christmas Island is a protected area. The National Park offers visitors a pleasant stroll in the rainforest.

The most interesting attractions of Christmas Island

The fauna is relatively poor, represented mostly by birds, but at the expense of vegetation is represented by about 200 species of flowering plants, 16 plants are endemic.

Christmas Island is a lot of research to education and environmental protection. The main basis for these studies is the so-called Rose house. It starts eco-trail through the park.

The only village on the island is the capital Nativity Flying Fish Cove. The city has a population of about 500 people, has a small port and airport. In the bay you can swim among coral reefs or watching the sunset.

Christmas Island is a possession of Australia, but has a status of autonomy.

Overall, it can spend a quiet vacation far from civilization, to collect his thoughts and to recover from the stress of the big city.

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