The most important attractions in Isle of Man

Attractions Isle of Man is located in the Irish Sea between Ireland and the United Kingdom, is a wonderful combination of beautiful scenery and rich history. The island is part of the archipelago in the British Isles and British crown possession. It has a special status of political independence from Britain and is managed by the lieutenant-governor.

The island is a popular tourist destination because of the variety of opportunities for free pastime that offers a walk with steamer or electric train, climbing or swimming with sharks. Most people arrive to participate or watch popular racing motorcycles. Not less, and people who like to walk around the mountains and valleys of the island, on whose lands its wake left and Celts and Vikings.

Among the best options for leisure are: Walk around Castletown, where you can see its medieval castle, learn interesting facts about its history. Another option is to visit the ruins on the island of St. Patrick, where they will tell you stories about Vikings and dog ghost. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Isle of Man

Castletown is the former capital of the Isle of Man and dates from 1090 The city with its narrow streets and small fishing cottages. From the port at sea still boats enter, though since 1970 it does not call merchant ships.

Why not walk to the Water Wheel in Lexy, which is known as 'Lady Isabella' and enjoy the surrounding views from the top of its height over 70 feet. Another unforgettable experience is the opportunity to ride with one of the oldest trams in the world who go through Lexy to transport people to the south and north up the Snaefell mountain. Waterwheel and the mine is located about half a mile from Lexie in the steep valley of the river Mooar.

The location is unique because of the use of the river for power supply for all equipment used in the mine, making it one of the most important achievements of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. In the mine was mined one five of the total zinc in the UK in 1870, and a significant amount of iron and lead.

The mine operates about 150 years until its closure in 1929. The water wheel is named after the wife of the then Lieutenant Governor of the island. Today it is the largest water wheel of its kind in the world. It is currently one of the biggest tourist attractions on the island. Those who are interested in the past of the island, it is better to pull up Cregneash, where they expected a village that remains absolutely unaltered by the passage of time .

And where people still continue to live in houses with thatched roofs, speak the local ostrovityanski dialect and constructed typical only for this region articles. This isolated village is located on the Mull Hills over Spenish Head. Until 1900 it was completely untouched by modern technologies. This is one of the few places on the island where you can hear people who speak the local language.

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