Tourist attractions in Wallis and Futuna

The main attractions in Wallis and Futuna are beautiful beaches, mountainous terrain and the remains of the peoples who inhabited these islands before the arrival of Europeans. Islands of Wallis, Futuna and Alofi are overseas possessions of France.

Located between the islands of Samoa and Fiji. The total area is about 280 km ², has a humid climate with two pronounced periods. From May to October is cold and dry, while during the months of November to April is hot and humid. In the past, the islands were deforested. Where there was lush vegetation is now eroded soil.

On the island of Wallis can see the crater lakes, volcanic cones and coral reefs. On the island of Futuna can enjoy the mountain scenery covered with dense rainforest. The smallest of the three islands is Alofi. The lack of drinking water does not uninhabited island in the majority of godinata.Tova however it is better for the environment because human intervention here is the smallest. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Wallis and Futuna

Besides farming population is employed mainly in tourism. Rest of the Wallis and Futuna Islands is preferred among tourists from all over the world. Good to know French, and not, as in most cases English.

Main attractions in Wallis and Futuna is a crater lake Lalolalo. Inaccessible lake surrounded by up to 30 meters high cliffs. Another beautiful lake Lanutavake used for drinking water.

Wallis Island is surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and seafood from the lagoon are many. Fish is the main dish on the table.

Options for holiday Wallis and Futuna not many. Most tourists lying on the beach under the palm trees, ride scooters in the water or exploring archaeological ruins.

Historical attractions in Wallis and Futuna

This practice, cricket and golf, and the island of Futuna only on the east coast has beautiful beaches.

Volcano Mt. Puke 524 meters overlooks the tropical vegetation. It is easy to climb and has custom-built eco-trail.

One of the historical landmarks in Wallis and Futuna is the cathedral Mata-Utu. Massive stone cathedral in the neo-Romanesque style.

Built in 1951-1967, but between the two towers have a son Maltese Cross. Try the culinary specialties of the Wallis and Futuna Islands, French wine and seafood.

It seems that the islands Wallis and Futuna offer similar benefits as Fiji attractions.

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