Tourist attractions in Uzbekistan

The territory of Central Asia there are some very interesting attractions in Uzbekistan.

An interesting fact is that Uzbekistan is the only country that borders all the countries in Central Asia. In additions, it can be written and outlet of the Aral Sea.

The climate and terrain does not allow for the development of large-scale tourism, both can boast as Kazakhstan, but you can take a week vacation for you and your family to explore the most beautiful attractions in Uzbekistan.

Since the climate is continental and dry, rainfall is small, very cold winter and very hot summer. Forests cover only 5% of the country's largest rivers are the Syr Darya and Amu Darya, along with their tributaries.

The largest lakes are the Aral Sea and Aydarkul, there are several large dams built at a time when Uzbekistan was a Soviet republic. Let's still take a little walk in the cultural attractions in Uzbekistan.

In the first place, we can add the ancient city of Khiva, still preserved its ancient buildings constructed during the period 12th to 19th century. All this is packed into architectural Eachan tin. Behind the castle walls Itchan Kala has well-preserved palaces, mosques, and makes an impression oval Mr asgradite made of adobe. Bookmark and Share

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Natural and cultural attractions in Uzbekistan

Visit the city of Bukhara, which is among the largest in Uzbekistan.

Written data suggest that town there over 2500 years as the zenith is in the 14th to 16th century because it is on so-called "Silk Road".

The town was very caravans. The most important historical attractions in Bukhara are:

complex Poi-Kalyan Samanidite mausoleum, madrasa Mir-Arab mosque Bolo Hovuz. The capital of this beautiful Asian country is Tashkent.

Historical attractions in Uzbekistan

Unfortunately part of the cultural monuments have been damaged by the earthquake in 1966. Most of the sights in Uzbekistan have been restored and among them are:

Amir Timur Museum, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Mosque and Telyashayak highest monument of Vladimir Lenin, which is the largest city square in all Soviet republics.

Among the natural attractions in Uzbekistan can mention several nature reserves. Mountain Nature Reserve Chatkal. Located in the western part of the Tien-Shan mountains. The park is divided into several gorges surrounded by steep slopes of high mountains.

A large part of the National Reserve Gissar are meadows and low stem forests. There are several natural parks, which are of smaller size.

These are the National Park Surkhan, National Park Kyzyl-Kum, Kugitanskiy and Baday-Tugai.

Most are open to visitors during the summer and there are good conditions for camping and nature walks. Eco tourism in Uzbekistan is very well developed at the time of such hiking trips you will be able to experience the beauty of the natural attractions in Uzbekistan.

You will learn interesting details about the flora and fauna and you will feel the true harmony in nature.

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