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The most visited attractions in United Arab Emirates

Until 1950 when discovered oil to attractions in United Arab Emirates nobody had heard and seen. Naturally part of these attractions are built after this year.

Here given attractions in Dubai as a great metropolis, although some lack of greenery in this beautiful city is essential for tourism. The strategic position of the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman makes the country an important transport hub in the region. Population lives in coastal areas, as the mainland is covered with deserts. The United Arab Emirates by several islands that are disputed by Iran and Qatar.

Dubai is the largest port, then it are ports in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The climate is hot and dry, almost no rainfall. It is advisable to visit this Asian country during the months of December, January and February. The rains are intense and short her sandstorms are common natural phenomenon. Bookmark and Share

Fabulous walk among attractions in United Arab Emirates

Let's start our walk with one of the most interesting attractions in United Arab Emirates - Dubai Aquarium. This is the largest artificial aquarium in the world. Located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall.

It is home to 33,000 aquatic animals with the greatest interest of the visitors have to sharks and rays. If a lot of you want to be among these sea creatures have to pay additional diving and snorkeling.

The capital of the UAE is Abu Dhabi. The city is located on a small island 250 meters from the mainland. The relationship between the two sides became both Mussafah Bridge and Maqta.

Abu Dhabi is a symbol of luxury and splendor characteristic of the Emirates. Here is the 7 star hotel "The Emirates Palace", Capital Gate skyscraper Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

The next stop of our trip was wonderful Dubai. Here of course the most important attraction is the super luxury hotel Burj Al Arab, which is located on an artificial island in the sea.

Burj Al Arab has the shape of a sail. In Dubai is the tallest building in the world - Burj Khalifa completed in 2010. This monument is 828 meters high - 162 floors. Besides several hotels that are located in the lower level has 900 apartments, offices, companies and highest observation deck, located on floor 124.

If you have time, visit the Museum of Modern Art, which has many exposures are conducted many social events - formed a new world. Finally, a relatively new attraction - a balloon ride over the desert and Dubai.

The flight starts from the desert in the early morning to catch a favorable wind continued over the red sands of the desert and ends in Dubai. Finally you get a certificate for this adventure.

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