Attractions in Sri Lanka - Land of Pleasure

What attractions in Sri Lanka you can visit depends on your preferences, but you can hardly see anything for a week or two of this truly exotic island in the Indian Ocean.

Land of pleasures, as in the past the Sri Lanka Arab sailors, is now a peaceful and prosperous country. After decades of civil war, Sri Lanka can boast as a country with a low rate of crime and the peaceful cohabitation between nations and religions.

The beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka can scroll through them freely and indulge in a relaxing family vacation with your loved ones. You will notice the strange way of catching sardine crash pilot to sitting fishermen.

Inside the island of Sri Lanka will encounter impassable jungles and along rivers can walk freely see herds of elephants. If you hire a driver can visit the ruins of ancient capitals, forgotten jungle. The area of Sri Lanka is only 65 thousand square kilometers - a very small country, but with very beautiful scenery and spectacular beaches. The water is crystal clear and warm all year round - ideal for bathing , sand is fine and white. Bookmark and Share

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Sri Lanka peak
Sri Lanka Sigiriya Rock
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Monument of Sri Lanka Dambulla
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waterfall in Sri Lanka

10 top attractions in Sri Lanka

You can practice all kinds of water sports including scuba diving and spear fishing , surfing and more.

There are well established hiking trails in national parks Lahugala , Bundala, and Gal Oya. Try to ride on the back of an elephant is very nice and convenient.

So you will be safe and peaceful as you will see leopard. Sri Lanka is known for its wonderful aromatic tea - try it , you can even see how it is grown in extensive plantations of tea.

Sri Lanka has 20 centuries of history and as it is close to India 's normal historical monuments and architecture to be close with palaces in India. The most famous and most visited archaeological site is Polonnaruwa.

Attractions in Sri Lanka - beaches and resorts

Former capital of Sri Lanka from the X century which has been restored and well-preserved pagodas and statues of Buddha.

Visit the largest temple on the island of Sri Lanka 55 meters high Rankot Vihara. The best remedy remains bicycle or small motor that you can rent pretty cheap . Be sure to climb the Sigiriya rock plateau and learn interesting details of this wonder of nature.

Of architectural monuments can recommend you to visit Golden Temple Dambulla and one of the oldest cities capitals in Sri Lanka Anuradhapura . The most favorable time to relax on the island of Sri Lanka is in the months of February to May because the climate is tropical humid with frequent monsoons during the rest or is very hot during the summer months .

The water of the ocean along the coast is about 27 C ยบ ideal for bathing.

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