The most interesting attractions in Slovenia

Detailed list of the most beautiful and most visited attractions in Slovenia can be found all over the internet, but be sure to visit this really small but very beautiful country.

This is a very convenient destination, the more that is known to those of its history and culture such as Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and of course the Adriatic Sea. We begin our long walk to the most famous Postojna cave in Europe.

Very beautiful natural phenomenon that is well preserved and can be seen with built train. Postojna cave is 20 km long and 100 meters deep.

If you need to make a comparison between the beautiful places to visit in Slovenia and attractions in Italy or attractions in Croatia, then you can bravely say that all three destinations worthy to visiting. The tourist route is about 5 km.

Visit the only city in Slovenia, which has a port and is the main hub of the country, namely the city of Koper. The town is small in terms of population and area, but there are several interesting historical sights:

Cathedral "Assumption" Palace Lodge, Praetorian Palace and beautiful streets in buildings or Venetian Gothic style of the 12th century. Bookmark and Share

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The most visited attractions in Slovenia

In southwestern Slovenia has a very beautiful town of Piran. He is known throughout Slovenia and Europe organized summer festivals and cultural events, but also with a great kitchen.

Worth to see the central square of Piran night. Surrounded by historical buildings preserved for hundreds of years and the wind that blows from the sea are a prerequisite for romance and love.

The most preferred attractions in Slovenia mountain resort of Bled. Here you can relax in winter skiing and summer, swim in beautiful Lake Bled.

The National park Triglav can practice rafting or actively relax the virgin nature. Around Lake Bled has several medium-high mountains, suitable for climbing and eco trails for nature lovers.

Around Bled there is still much to see. This is a beautiful gorge Vintgar, plateau Pokljuka, waterfall and cave Iglica "Babji Zob".

For lovers of history and medieval architecture offer a walk in the Castle Bled. Built on a cliff with a height of 130 meters and is visible from almost anywhere. This is one of the oldest castles in Slovenia. Very well preserved and is now functions as a museum. Even if half of what you described as attractions near Bled is sufficient to charge the new forces. Another charming city of Maribor in Slovenia.

This city combines romance with his old crooked streets and modern shopping malls ideal for shopping maniacs. For those of you who love art are available to museums and galleries and wine tasting. If you want to see Maribor high, climb the tower Piramida Hill.

Is 386 meters high and gives a panoramic view with great detail if you wear glasses. The capital and largest city of Slovenia is Ljubljana. The sights of the city can count here: the cathedral "St. Nicholas" square "Cyril and Methodius", Franciscan Church of the Annunciation and others.

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