Main attractions in Sierra Leone

With 400 km of coastline, high plateaus covered with dense evergreen forests and moist climate makes subequatorial attractions in Sierra Leone preferred destination.

This is a small country in West Africa, bordered to the north by Guinea, Liberia to the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean. Rivers that pass through Sierra Leone are deep throughout the year - the largest river is Seva. This river divides the country into two parts.

Sierra Leone has a great potential for international tourism, especially eco-tourism. Characteristic of poor countries, which do not enter foreign investment is to be precisely targeted to this easy option. Preferred place you can seclude yourself are banana islands.

Located near the Freetown peninsula and offer serenity of nature Sierra Leone. Tourists stay in small wooden houses with good conditions for rest. Banana Islands are about 20, but three are larger. The islands can be visited on foot or by boat.

The water around the islands is warm and clean, ideal for scuba diving and spear fishing. Evenings are quiet and cool, although there are many insects that will not spare you.

In mainland Sierra Leone can visit several national historic sites located around the deepest rivers. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Sierra Leone

This is Bunce Island, which is located at the mouth of the river Rokel and Port Loko Creek. In the past it served as a market for slaves from West Africa. You can still see the remains of the fortress.

Visit Tiwai Island wildlife sanctuary, which is located to the nearest town Kenema. After the civil war in Sierra Leone were built two research centers for the study of wildlife Tiwai Island.

The island itself falls within the National Park Lofa-Mano. In the northern part of the country is another interesting National Park Outamba-Kilimi. Years ago I was hunting area, and now a protected area.

Near this park live tribe Susu, helping to guard the area from poachers and serves as a tourist attraction for the people decided to come here.

Historical attractions in Sierra Leone

Visit mountains Loma, the highest in West Africa. Here rises the peak of Bintumani 1945 metra.Nay large areas of evergreen forests are located near Nieni and Neya Chiefdoms area Koinadugu.

Forests are located on the hills with a height of between 400 and 1800 meters. Since 1980 this area attracts many ornithologists for their research programs. Currently efforts are underway to preserve several endangered species of birds and animals. Our walks attractions in Sierra Leone will complete the sacred lake Sonfon.

This is the largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Leone. Is not large in area, nor very deep. Near Lake Sonfon is a goldmine that is the cause lake water to decrease. Although the area is not very well studied here are about 100 species of birds, and the local people still perform cultural ceremonies that are of interest to tourists.

The capital of Sierra Leone is Freetown, the largest administrative and cultural center of the country. Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the largest port not only in Sierra Leone but throughout West Africa.

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