Major tourist attractions in Saint Martin

Many interesting and beautiful attractions in Staint Martin can be divided into two parts. Geographically, the island of Saint Martin or Sint Maarten island is divided into two almost equal parts of the Lesser Antilles group. Its area is 87 square kilometers, divided between the Netherlands and France.

The island is a popular tourist destination, not only for Americans but also for the citizens of Europe. Although there are no rivers on the island of St. Martin every year thousands of tourists prefer to spend their annual vacation with your family and friends right here.

The climate on the island of Saint Martin is pleasant almost throughout the year except the monsoon coming from the Atlantic Ocean and carry heavy rainfall.

One of the attractions in Saint Martin is airport "Princess Juliana". Little track starts almost from the beach and many tourists looking forward to shoot with low flying aircraft.

The noise of the landing and take-off is very high and the airflow can knock you down to the ground. But obviously this is not particularly startled tourists are dying because of this kind of experience. Bookmark and Share

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Beautiful natural attractions in Saint Martin

In the northern French territory of Saint Martin island you can visit the remains of Le Trou de David - a natural arch in the sea, which unfortunately collapsed in 2011. Another historical attraction in Saint Martin is Fort Saint Louis. The castle was built in 1767 and is located on a hill above the harbor. There is far from over flown the French flag.

La Grotte du Puits de Terres Basses - cave where you can see thousands of bats who do not like to be disturbed. They climb to the highest point of the island peak 424 meters high Paradise.

Since there is a view of the entire island of St. Martin and attractions in Anguilla. From Paradise Peak start all routes walking tour of this beautiful Caribbean paradise.

Historical and cultural attractions in Saint Martin

Well maintained trails pass through well-preserved tropical vegetation. Take your cameras and camcorders to capture beautiful pictures of nature in Saint Martin. One of the best places to travel in the Dutch part of the island of Sint Maarten is Philipsburg city.

Philipsburg city lies along the southern part of the island and the bay accommodate cruise ships, which carry one million tourists every year. In our opinion, the Dutch part of the island is better developed and more places for enjoyment of visitors.

The main street of town Philipsburg can safely shop or sit in the numerous restaurants and bars to try well cooked food and local specialties from the sea. During the day you can visit the small zoo Sint Maarten Park, Fort Willem I and Fort Amsterdam.

For beautiful beaches on the island will not write in detail because realistically almost everywhere you can put your beach towel on the fine white sand and take all the beauty of this sunny paradise.

There are of course large luxury hotel complexes with all the amenities you can imagine.

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