The most famous attractions in Saint Lucia

Attractions in Saint Lucia are beautiful beaches, unspoiled nature and excellent conditions for a perfect family vacation. Saint Lucia is a volcanic island in the Lesser Antilles.

Until recently it was an English colony, but in 1979 won its autonomy, although the card belongs to the English crown. The islands rise volcanic craters, which are covered with lush vegetation. The climate is tropical with frequent rainfall and average temperatures between 18оС – 26оС.

Much of the population is employed in tourism, fishing and banana. The main attractions in Saint Lucia are visited by one million tourists each year. Although in recent years there is an outflow of tourists wishing to visit the Caribbean, in Saint Lucia is no such trend.

Tourist observers comment on this fact in the absence of excessive building hotels.

Wide variety of beaches covered with black and white sand, jungle inside the island and the beautiful extinct volcanoes attract tourists from around the world all year round. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Saint Lucia

Bays are very convenient for small boats, yachts, and large cruisers. This relatively small island boasts ideal conditions for fishing, all types of diving and pleasant walks. Western part of the island of Saint Lucia is conducive to rest, because it is exposed to winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean.

Steep mountain forms, which are covered with tropical vegetation very similar to one of the panoramic views of Rio de Janeiro.

The island is rich in small rivers that meander between dense vegetation. Eastern part of Saint Lucia has a climate, the winds are strong and the waves are bigger.

Most popular attractions in Saint Lucia

Here terms are ideal for sailing sports and surfing. Clear waves combined with coral reefs make diving very exciting and exotic. The capital of Saint Lucia is Castries city with a population of about 11 000 people.

Since the island is extremely small remaining settlements are so arranged that it is difficult to say, how far a city where soil and another.

Business card in Saint Lucia are volcanoes Peter's. As the standard of living is the highest in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is a pretty attractive place to buy a property for holiday tourism.

Take advantage of the excellent conditions that offer attractions in Saint Lucia for a great summer holiday on this paradise in the Caribbean.

The difference between the attractions in Saint Lucia and attractions in Barbados nature and the way in which it is protected.

Greater the difference in population and prenaselyavaneto of Barbados, Saint Lucia, while remains pristine.

Iman gave these reasons, we recommend that you choose a unknown destination on the island of Saint Lucia.

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