The most visited attractions in Rhode Island

Attractions in Rhode Island are quite interesting for tourists and travelers from all over the world and can be visited for a few days. The reason for this is the small size of the state of Rhode Island and the very good infrastructure.

Rhode Island is part of the former territory of New England, the smallest state in area and second in population density. 14% of the total area is in the ocean (about 30 small islands, some are inhabited). Fully flat state with two separate areas:

East Rhode Island in Narragansett Bay lowlands around and western Rhode Island, a forested ecoregion. The climate is humid temperate continental with wet summers and cold winters. Newport Cliff Walk, the only official footpath in the state of Rhode Island with a length of 5.6 km designated for recreation and tourism. Bookmark and Share

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The most fascinating attractions in Rhode Island

Part of the route passes through picturesque cliffs overhanging the beach. If Take a look at the interior of the island of Aquidneck Island will notice many mansions where there are houses so large that right can be defined as castles.

Fort Adams, a historic landmark located in Rhode Island at the beginning of Newport Harbor. This fortress is located in the center of Fort Adams State Park. Especially here in the summer there are many interesting events:

Jazz Festival, Folk Festival, rugby matches for women, swimming, boating, picnicking and more. Mohegan Bluffs, 46 meters high clay cliffs located on the southern coast of Block Island. If you need to compare the tourist attractions in Connecticut and so far described attractions, our preference is for Rhode Island.

You can watch the Atlantic of highly and at low tide forms a nice beach with fine sand in the summer months. The beach is reached by steep steps, and for local people this place is known as Corn Cove. Just above this beautiful place is located Southeast Lighthouse - 76 meters above the ocean expanse.

We are still on the island of Aquidneck Island and the beautiful Ocean Drive. Ocean Drive is a beautiful street in the southern coast of Newport suitable for cyclists and pedestrians. Passes through rich mansions, which are part of the architecture of this this neighborhood.

All the big houses facing the sea and inhabited only in summer by the rich owners. The most famous public beach in Rhode Island is Misquamicut State Beach. Although in 1954 have been completely destroyed, strenuous efforts to work during the summer months.

There are all amenities such as showers, shaded pavilions, lifeguard towers and others. From 1999 to the present day it is the most visited and popular spot in the summer. Three years organized - Springfest and Fallfes.

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