Attractions in Portofino Italy

Attractions in Portofino Italy, one of the few settlements that is not yet crowded in the summer by tourists. This small town is located 50 km from Genoa, and the best option is to take a bus. With a rental car or your own one is also an option, but keep in mind that parking in Portofino is absolutely impossible.

The city was founded during the Roman Empire and is a famous residence of both chroniclers and important people in the empire. Even Pliny the Elder called Portofino's port Portus Delphini, which unfortunately is currently the "Port of Expensive Yachts". As you will see from the photos we have added to the article about Portofino Italy, they are so many that it is even difficult sometimes to moor a large ship.

This is when people have money and wonder how to invest it in material wealth. There are many beautiful villas and castles around the port, from where you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views. The main contribution to the flourishing of tourism here is played by the British and in particular Montagu Yates Brown.

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List of Attractions in Portofino Italy

He bought one of the hills and built his residence where he invited his English friends to have fun. This became known among the rich and a little later Ruggiero Valentini built the first large hotel Hotel Splendido.

He is believed to be the founder of tourism in Portofino, Italy. Celebrities from both the show business and members of royal families were here. The city is so small that you will hardly find a free parking space in the only parking lot Piazza della Liberta. In fact, you can go for a walk and see everything in just one day.

In the evening, you can try Mediterranean cuisine at a local restaurant or just stroll along the narrow cobbled streets. This place is not cheap, so be prepared for this surprise. If you want to go to the beach, Portofino Italy is not your place.

There is only one pebble beach located next to the port. Most hotels around have pools, so this is the only option.

  • San Giorgio Church
  • Chapel of Santa Maria Assunta
  • Portofino Regional Nature Park
  • Castello Brown / Brown Castle /
  • Oratorio Santa Maria Asunta

Before becoming a tourist center, Portofino Italy was a fishing village. There is even a statue of Jesus Christ placed underwater that protects fishermen while at sea. It is located at a shallow depth in the bay and can be seen if you have diving equipment. Such underwater statues are not uncommon and are found in many parts of the world.

Near this beautiful place there are other beautiful destinations such as beautiful sights in Locarno or to see the panoramic photos of Dolomites, but in our next articles.

There is no more beautiful place on the Italian Riviera than Portofino, so take advantage of the opportunity and spend a weekend here. With the exception of the cold winter months, the rest of the year is favorable to visit.

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