Major tourist attractions in Montserrat

Unfortunately, much of the beautiful attractions in Montserrat has been in the past. This beautiful Caribbean island a few years ago was the preferred destination in the Caribbean. But as it says in an ad on National Geographic: "Nature can not be conquered, become part of it."

On July 18, 1995 until now sleeping volcano erupting Soufriere Hills and irreparable damage on the island Montserrat. Currently half the overseas territory of the UK is covered with cold lava and volcanic ash. Even the slight increase in the area of the island because of accumulated volcanic sediments in the sea. Half of the population chose to leave the island in the direction of neighboring islands and the UK.

Capital Plymouth was moved to Little Bay. Tourists still decided to visit attractions in Montserrat is not allowed to go in the area of the volcano. They see the devastating impact of neighboring Mount Garibaldi Hill. Let's not stereotype, however, the island of Montserrat in the tourism map of the world.

There is still enough well preserved beaches in the north of the island. Booming new towns, and frequent ecotourists is by ferry from the nearby island of Antigua to come visit and take a walk along the beautiful green paths. Montserrat island is ideal for those of you who seek peace and coolness of the city. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Montserrat

Diving in the nearby coral reefs and sunbathing on the beach are attractive center for tourists. Here is a list of places worth visiting: Rendezvous Bay - very attractive beach nestled between the rocks, ideal for snorkeling.

It is recommended to reach the bay by sea, by land because the rocks are quite steep and loose. Have plenty of bottled drinking water and sunscreen, because there were no civilization.

The tourist business on the island Montserrat is forced to grow quickly built several very beautiful trails that crisscross everything that can be seen in the area.

Blackwood Allen - hard to climb transition passes through the rapid flow of water of the same name. During the tour you can see interesting views of the ocean and the unique vegetation of the island.

Another Oriole walkway offers another kind of walk to central halove island of Montserrat, including passage through the bird sanctuary of Montserrat. Cot is the third offering eco route through a banana plantation, stopping for breaks at Little Bay and Rendezvous Bay and a panoramic view of the volcano Silver Hill.

The most popular place to stroll and rest Little Bay. Here is the most bustling with tourists, there are many restaurants and entertainment venues. Because of the volcanic eruption, the bottom around the island of Montserrat is quite changed. Coral reefs also changed. It can be said that the southern reef revived.

Divers can see huge sponges, about which there is always tropical fish, sea turtles and even reef sharks. A favorite spot for divers is a small island Redonda is located 14 miles off the coast of Montserrat.

In this article our deliberately not telling the other half of the island of Montserrat, because after the eruption, it was abandoned and looks like a real moon landscape.

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