Major tourist attractions in Monaco

Lack of natural resources is no reason attractions in Monaco to be among the most popular in the world. This is the second smallest country in the world after the tourist attractions in Vatican and most populous of the Earth. An area of 2 square kilometers, there are approximately 32 000 people.

Overland Monaco shares a border with France, is located on the world famous Cote d'Azur. The climate is very pleasant Mediterranean. Winters are mild, rainy and pleasant walks. Summer is cool and humid with average summer temperatures around 26 degrees. Walk the streets of Monaco may be free, but if you decide to buy something or to stay for a few days, you will come out very expensive.

This small country is a very popular tourist destination, especially for people who have gambling tendencies. This city-state is divided into four parts. First Oldest Monaco city area is located is rocky cape to the port. The second area is La Condamine - covers the port, then comes the Monte Carlo - the most famous of tourists.

Here is residential and hotels and the newest neighborhood recently built near the sea - Fontvieille. The main income of the country comes from tourism. Here is a comprehensive list of the most interesting attractions in Monaco. Bookmark and Share

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Historical attractions in Monaco

The first place of course put Grimaldi Palace. Very beautiful, surrounded by thick walls - the founder of the city-state of Monaco.

Have lived here over the centuries lords of Monaco, who have made many diplomatic steps for the country to be recognized as independent. The interior of the palace is covered with many galleries of many famous artists and from the outside portico has twelve arches and white marble balustrades.

Another historical find in Monaco Cathedral of Saint Nicholas. Here are buried all rulers of the country including Hollywood star Grace Kelly, who was married to Prince Rainier.

Another attraction in Monaco's Oceanographic Museum. The museum was founded on the idea of Prince Albert I, 100 years ago.

Amazing attractions in Monaco

Here there are 4000 species of fish and marine invertebrates and live corals. While in Monte Carlo, be sure to visit the Museum of Napoleon.

It contains many items related to the French Emperor, letters and artifacts related to the history of Monaco. All this is collected by Prince Louis II.

An interesting fact is that the streets of Monaco is held every year range from Formula One, which traditionally attended by all the royalty of the state.

Since the beach is too small there is only one convenient beach Larvotto. You could even say that most guests come to visit the main attractions in Monaco bake their luxury yachts, than to enjoy the beach Larvotto.

If you have extra money to spare, visit the casino of Monte Carlo.

Most tourists think that Monaco is part of the French Riviera and are entitled to some because most of the things you can see them in other beautiful French cities of the Mediterranean and at much lower cost.

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