The most important attractions in Missouri

We continue our walk with attractions in Missouri and in particular the historical attractions that prevail over the natural. It should be noted the eastern border of the state, which is actually a great Missouri River. It is at present most natural landmarks and the largest cities, including St. Louis.

The first stop on our tour is the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Called the arch "Gateway to the West" is 195 meters high. Tourists have the opportunity to board an elevator to the top of the Gateway Arch and make panoramic photos of St. Louis.

One of the natural beauties is Table Rock Lake. Located in Southwestern Missouri and one of the most popular destinations in the United States. The place is suitable for family vacations, and clean water in the lake is used for swimming and fishing. Water sports are also well developed, and about the many bays is ideal for camping. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Missouri

During the summer months here is cool because of the deciduous forests around the lake. In southeast Missouri is Elephant Rocks State Park. A group granite stones in the woodland trails and specially adapted for blind people.

There are many picnic areas, stones are round and are easy to climb even children. While parents enjoy nature and tranquility in the park, children make comic pictures with stones. In the southern part of St. Louis is a free attraction – Grant's Farm. In the past it was owned by Ulysses S. Grant, US president and chief forces of the North in the Civil War.

Historical and architectural attractions in Missouri

Grant's Farm is home to animals from all over the world - a real zoo. Fort Osage - reconstructed fortress in the past has been used for control of goods along the upper Missouri River. Currently Fort Osage Historic Landmark in Mississippi. Taum Sauk Mountain State Park - a small protected area and a paved trail encircling length of 5 km, which leads to several cascading Mina Sauk Falls.

Mina Sauk Falls are the highest waterfalls in Missouri that in dry summer months are almost dry. Talking rocks cave - located east of Branson. After 1920 have been several artificial decorations and spectacular lighting, making this natural wonder in real underground treasure of Missouri. Liberty Memorial - Kansas City. National Museum of World War II, built with donations from friends and volunteers of the victims of the First World War.

The height of the monument is 81 meters and is beautiful both during the day and at night when illuminated by colored lights. Do not have to travel around all the Eastern States, because they are identical and there is a danger to be bored. For this reason, we recommend visiting the attractions in Oklahoma or landmarks in Tennessee.

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