The most visited attractions in Massachusetts

The most interesting attractions in Massachusetts can visit if you are on the US east coast and have a few days off to use in a pleasant walk. Will not be disappointed, because Massachusetts is extremely attractive. The main economic and commercial center is the city of Boston.

Here, more than two thirds of the population of the state. Do not be surprised of the names of settlements, because most duplicate those in UK. This is logical because Massachusetts is in the territory of New England and neighbor of main attractions in Rhode Island. Marthas Vineyard, an island summer colony for the rest of Massachusetts.

Available for viewing and family vacation only by water or air. Since the island is in the ocean, often oncoming storms and hurricanes, but the standard of living here is above average for the United States. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Massachusetts

Pilgrim Monument, dedicated to the Pilgrims came to the ship Mayflower, who are founders of the city of Boston. At the base of the monument has historical museum that you can see or climb on top of the tower to take panoramic pictures of the surrounding area.

Boston Harbor, the largest port in the state of Massachusetts, protected by natural barriers Peninsula Winthrop, Point Allerton and Peninsula Nantasket. A boat trip is the best option to get an idea of the size of the port.

Naumkeag is a great mansion built in 1886 and 1887. The property is worth seeing because of the large gardens designed in the mid-20th century. Castle Hill, a historic landmark in the north of the city of Boston. Very well maintained with a large meadow in the direction of the ocean, which serves for outdoor concerts in the summer.

Cape Cod, Great Barrier Island, which keeps the coast of Massachusetts from big waves when there is a storm in the Atlantic Ocean. In the past, this island was used by whalers and fishermen and is now a tourist destination for wealthy Americans who built large mansions.

Northfield Mountain, mountain hill with several cascading waterfalls in it, walking trails and places for rock climbing. In the winter you can ski, and there are additional options for family outdoor recreation.

Millers River Blue Trail, a new trail in the river between uchastuka Alan Rich Park in Athol and River Front Park in Orange. Besides boating in quiet, shallow waters of the Millers River fishing and of course there are many more surprises for the children.

Good conditions for tourism has the Connecticut River, which crosses Massachusetts from north to south, sailing along the entire length.

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