Major tourist attractions in Maine

The best attractions in Maine is located in the northeast US. This beautiful American state is also known as pine state because of the large amount of forests, which is covered. Atlantic is the eastern border of Maine coast here is very uneven on small islands populated mainly by fishermen.

Another interesting detail is the small population that inhabits the state - only 1.3 million people. We start with the natural attractions in Maine and in particular National Park Acadia. Most of the park is located on Mount Desert Island, the rest area is located on the Peninsula Schoodic.

Year round is visited by 3 million tourists and nature lovers. In winter there are good conditions for skiing. Panoramic photos of Cadillac Mountain can do in clear weather.

Peninsula Schoodic - located in the northern part of Acadia Park and in the past there was an American military base. The peninsula has a rocky volcanic character and a few natural volcanic dikes, which stand in the way of water. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Maine

There currently train employees and guards of the park Acadia. Bass Harbor - located in a remote part of the National Park Acadia. The lighthouse and the annex to it are built of brick in 1858. Access to Bass Harbor is free and can be visited by car. A strange attraction represents Desert of Maine.

At first glance this is a desert where there is a pine forest and the rainfall is very large. However instead of sand have a sand-like substance granules.

Years ago an American family managed to transform this barren land landmark that attracts thousands of tourists. There are camel riding or train for a tour of this interesting place. Quoddy Head State Park - the eastern United States. This is a small park with 8 km hiking trails, forests, swamps and a well-preserved lighthouse (West Quoddy Head Light).

The most visited attractions in Maine

Rangeley Lake - a large lake in western Maine. Very beautiful lake, which is used to exit and landing seaplanes, fishing and various water sports. Bay of Fundy - famous for its big tides, one of the largest in the world.

For is interesting walk along before the tide is flooded land (see photos). Island Bailey - low rocky island, inhabited by 400 fishermen. If you take a day to walk the island can make beautiful pictures of Port Mackerel Cove, rocky beach on the outskirts of the island and "Giant Steps" - rock formations resembling stairs cut into the rocks.

Crescent beach state park - beautiful marine park with bathing beach in the summer and conditions for skiing in winter. Practice is still fishing and sea kayaking. Here we describe a small part of all the islands and peninsulas in Maine. There are many beautiful places that are not as popular attractions in Maine, but worth a visit.

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