Tourist attractions in Lebanon

Historical attractions in Lebanon are among the oldest in the whole Mediterranean. In this land there is sufficient evidence of the existence of ancient civilizations 7000 years back in time. At present Lebanon is an Arab country bordering with Israel, Syria and Jordan.

Conflict between Lebanon and Israel disastrous effect on tourism in this ancient country. The landscape of Lebanon is generally mountainous, except in the case Bekaa valley around the river. Although small river Bekaa able to supply water to agriculture in central areas of Lebanon. In the past, this valley was covered with pine trees, but the population has destroyed this natural resource for making boats and release of land for agriculture.

The capital and largest city is Beirut. According to informed sources Beirut is the most modern European city in the Middle East.

Main attractions in Beirut worth visiting are the Greek Orthodox Cathedral Saint George, National Museum of Beirut mosque Mohammed al-Amin and Jane Cave. In our opinion, the most interesting of all the attractions Cave Jane.

Beautiful landmark in Lebanon, which is located about 20 kilometers north of the capital. Examining the cave Jane are two steps. Bookmark and Share

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Historical attractions in Lebanon

At the bottom to navigate a boat on an underground river, and at the top on foot. The cave is very well lit for a pleasant stroll. The second most important among attractions in Lebanon is an ancient city of Byblos. Byblos City is among the cities survived 7000 years without being abandoned during the whole period of its existence.

Tourists interesting visit Byblos Castle - Crusader fortress from the 12th century, which is located near the port.

Byblos Wax Museum - the museum of wax figures, the ancient Phoenician temples built 4700 years ago, Baptist church St. John and Fossil Museum, which will see fossils of fish, sharks, flying fish, eels and other sea creatures millions of years.

Another historical landmark that is worth to see are remains of Roman architecture in the city of Baalbek.

Natural attractions in Lebanon

Aside from attractions in Italy and especially in Rome, Baalbek city's the best preserved assembly of Roman architecture, preserved today. In the upper part of the city is the Acropolis.

Near it are the temple of Jupiter and the Temple of Bacchus and Venus. About Baalbek has two large mosques during the Islamic period in Lebanon. Better preserved is the Great Mosque, which was built with material from Roman and Greek temples.

Although a small number of landmarks in Lebanon are Christian monasteries in the valley of Kadisha. In recent years, illegal construction is a big problem for this natural phenomenon in Lebanon, so it is protected by UNESCO.

Our virtual tour of the natural attractions in Lebanon ends at Jazzine. Here is the highest waterfall Jazzine in Lebanon. View when the waterfall is deep is very beautiful, though in recent years on both sides of this waterfall have built hotels and restaurants which impair this fabulous picture.

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