The most important attractions in Koh Chang Thailand

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Attractions in Koh Chang Thailand are located in the Gulf of Thailand near the border with Cambodia. Koh Chang is the third largest island of Thailand after Phuket and Samui.

This island is little known to tourists and years ago there had property richest people in Thailand. Over the past 10 years, Koh Chang became a favorite spot for visitors who have a tight budget. Part of the Koh Chang National Marine Park and marine attractions are prohibited, such as jet skis and water skiing. Most of the island is covered by virgin jungle and mountains, so most resorts are environmentally friendly. Chang local language means elephant. Figures of elephants will see the whole island, although elephants generally not except a few ones that are attraction and ridden by tourists. The climate is tropical in Koh Chang and the humidity is very high.

It can rain for days if you are on the island during the rainy period (not recommend). On the island has no airport and can be reached by ferry from the mainland. Transport on the island of Koh Chang is underdeveloped and most asphalt-paved roads in the western part of the island.

Public transport is by taxi. You can rent a bicycle or scooter for a few dollars a day against a copy of the identity card. It is interesting that gasoline is sold in bottles of 700 grams. Koh Chang is a mountainous island, there are some dangerous stretches of road with steep serpentine, so be careful. Accommodation in Koh Chang is in bungalows or low 2-4 storey buildings. Bookmark and Share

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The beaches of Koh Chang

Fortunately tall buildings in Pattaya are prohibited by law. All houses must be lower than the palm trees. Interesting is not it? Thai government is trying to make this heavenly place available for tourists and for now does not intend to build expensive luxury hotels.

So fans of tranquility and comfort are provided, they will find for themselves a comfortable stay in Koh Chang and a large selection of deserted beaches. My advice is not to hurry in advance to rent a bungalow and take a walk and look for such a place. Will come much cheaper. Supply is important, particularly at White Sand Beach and Lonely Beach.

In addition to this observation I would add that most of the cheap guesthouses are not presented on the web pages for a reservation! The infrastructure of Koh Chang is not as well developed as in Koh Samui. No major shopping centers than Tesok Lotus who works from 7 am to 23:00. Prices are higher than in Chiang Mai and we were very disappointed. But around the island there are small grocery stores with prices slightly lower than in the Cevennes.

All beaches are suitable for swimming (with the exception of Long Beach) are located in the western part of the island. The sea is almost always calm and the beaches are not crowded, even on the most popular beaches, you can find a secluded place. Koh Chang has seven waterfalls, the most popular is the Klong Plu waterfall. It is easily accessible from Klong Prao beach, while in the north there are several small waterfalls that deserves to be seen.

The view from the observation deck Kai Bay, the island has several viewing platforms that are fitted near the bay Kai. Kayaks can be rented per hour, and swim to nearby islands located in the southern part of the beach Kai Bay or you can go kayaking up the mangrove forests of the eastern part of the island. Visit a fishing village of Bang Bao in the south-western part of the island.

Here the long pier has many souvenir shops and seafood restaurants. At the end of the pier stands Bang Bao lighthouse. There you can watch the real life of the Thai people. Recommended your trip to Cambodia as Koh Chang is located close to that country. You can go on a trip to the famous Angkor Wat. We strongly recommend it!

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