Major tourist attractions in Kansas

Major tourist attractions in Kansas Located in the Midwest attractions in Kansas are extremely beautiful, enjoy the eye of curious tourists bring significant revenues to the state budget. This American region was inhabited by Indians thousands of years before Europeans come and begin to operate here. Today, Kansas is one of the leading agricultural areas in the US. We start a tour of attractions in Kansas with some very interesting rock formations in the vast plane - Castle Rock.

Located in the valley Hackberry Creek and were formed 80 million years ago (Cretaceous geological period), when this place was Ocean. Heavily eroded rocky towers of loose material - chalk. There is no charge for consideration of this natural phenomenon in Kansas, even has a rural road for a tour by car. Arikaree Breaks - one of the five natural attractions in Kansas. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Kansas

These are deep canyons covered with tall grass, amazing landscapes, one of the driest and coldest places in America Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve - National pasture around Kansas River Cimarron. In recent years, authorities in Kansas cause massive erosion of soil.

Thousands of acres are planted with deciduous forests. Meadows offers plenty of grass for cattle, prairie flowers and rare chance to observe wild animals and birds. Lake Scott State Park - an oasis in this barren wasteland of western Kansas. Rocky canyons surround this beautiful lake, around which there is woodland. The place is suitable for camping for a small fee of course. In summer it is suitable for swimming, fishing and cycling. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve - prairie reserve and protected ecosystem.

In the reserve live in the wild bison in the vicinity is well preserved farm, where you will meet with village life to the sound of live music. Historical attractions in Kansas worth visiting Fort Larned. Built in 1859 to protect the Indians postal vans coming from Santa Fe.

Boot Hill in Dodge City - interesting reconstruction of the main street in a photo made back in 1870. In natural size are presented post office and jail in Dodge City. The list of the most visited attractions in Kansas is large, therefore others will only list them. Botanical Garden in Wichita - open all year round to visitors who can enjoy the beautiful aquatic plants according to the season of visit.

Kansas State Capitol in Topeka. The building looks more like a palace than a state institution. It was built in the French Renaissance style outside. Presidential Library Dwight Eisenhower turned into a museum. Here lived the great American before becoming US president.

Space Center Kansas - here you can see interesting exhibits from past space odysseys Apollo, Gemini and Mercury.

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