The most important attractions in Japan

Distant and unknown to many Europeans and Americans are attractions in Japan, on the one hand because of the remoteness of this exotic country and a different way of culture, life and thinking of the Japanese. Common natural phenomenon earthquakes and typhoons are not bothered Japanese. Japan is located in East Asia between the Sea of Japan and the Pacific.

The climate is mild in most of the country and in the southern islands is subtropical. Rainfall is abundant throughout the year, which is a prerequisite for a rich flora and fauna. Here there are over 5,000 different species of plants, some of which have symbolic meaning and more than 120 species of wild mammals. The most popular natural attraction in Japan is Mount Fuji.

Located on the island Honshyu close to the capital Tokyo. There are several routes to climb on top of the volcano, which is the highest point in Japan - 3776 m. During the summer months is the busiest climbing to the top, but the clouds often prevent the making of panoramic images.Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Japan

The winter months are the best option for shooting from the foot of the volcano, especially if you travel by train from Tokyo to Osaka. North of the mountain are five very beautiful and easily accessible lakes.

In summer it is allowed to make camping around them. Another volcanic activity has on the island of Kyushu - crater lake Nakadake and the island of Hokkaido - Showa-shinzan, dome formed by lava during the eruption of the volcano in 1944. Visit narrow gorge Takachiho-kyo, and enjoy the beautiful views of several waterfalls including Manai Falls. Breach can go by boat or on foot. The highest waterfall in Japan says Hannoki Fall 497 meters.

High-water only in the spring, the water falls in a few stunts. Beside him is Shomyo Falls, which is deep round - real scenery enjoying the eye of tourists. Other equally beautiful waterfalls are: Kegon Falls and Hagoromo Falls.

Japanese Islands has many clear lakes, here are some of them: Crater Lake Mashu, the purest in Japan, do not miss the whirlpools Naruto - Kansai and unique ancient forest of Yakushima Island Ryukyu. Some of the trees are 3,000 years old and are considered sacred. Historical attractions in Japan can mention castles in Japan, which we reported in our previous article.

Buddhist shrines are respected in the Japanese population. Buddhist temple Chusonji - built around 1100 by the tree. The roof is covered with gold leaf, and inside includes a mausoleum with mummies. Buddhist temple complex of Horyuji. Pagoda Temple is one of the oldest wooden structures in the world. Historical facts indicate that it was built about 594 years after Christ.

In the prayer hall features original paintings and other treasures of Buddhist art. Kinkaku-ji - Zen Buddhist temple, surrounded by the most beautiful garden in the world. To-ji - located in the old part of Kyoto and is the tallest wooden structure in Japan. To-ji is high is 55 meters.

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