Tourist attractions in Illinois

Most exciting and most beautiful attractions in Illinois are located in Chicago on Lake Michigan. This American state is one of the most populated in the United States, with very good infrastructure and well-developed industry and agriculture.

It does not have a large impact on nature in Illinois, especially in the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. Unfortunately the US border north of Lake Michigan is so built that can boldly declare a lack of vegetation and fauna in the area. However, we will begin our walk to Starved Rock State Park.

Located on the Illinois River with over 20 km of hiking trails that run through beautiful canyons and waterfalls. A thought for the convenience of tourists, without interfering with wildlife.

Were built campsites suitable to live if you intend to practice fishing or boating in the river. The side arms of the Illinois River has some very beautiful waterfalls in the winter freeze and become ice climbing. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Illinois

These are Wildcat Falls, LaSalle Falls, Hennepin Falls, St. Louis Falls, French Canyon, Tonty Falls and Ottawa Falls. In winter it is prohibited riding snowmobiles.

Leading sites in Illinois are historical and architectural achievements of man in this part of America. We start with the most famous tallest buildings in Chicago - Willis Tower and Sears Tower.

This glass skyscraper is 442 meters high, built in 1973. Each year over one million tourists visit the building. Interest for them are few glass balconies in the highest part of the tower. Visitors to die of fear while proceeding transparent in order to be photographed against the backdrop of the city of Chicago.

Historical sites in Illinois

Another attraction is the museum Chicago Field Museum. Two million visitors each year visit one of the largest natural history museums in the world. Besides the permanent collections in the Field Museum visit roadshows and research programs.

Lincoln Tomb - Historical Landmark in Illinois dedicated to the 16th US President Abraham Lincoln. This is one of the first national historic landmarks in the United States, built on the initiative of citizens immediately after the death of this famous American citizen. Lincoln Park - located in the north part of the city of Chicago, bordering Lake Michigan.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion - a relatively new attraction in Chicago in 2004 found. The only open stage for all kinds of theatrical events (classical music, opera and rock performances). Lincoln home - National Historic Site of USA, the home of Abraham Lincoln, who lived in 1844-1861 before becoming president.

Lincoln's son donated the house of Illinois with the condition that it be well maintained and not to take charge of the visitors.

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