Tourist attractions in Florida

Attractions in Florida tropical paradise for anyone who fails to visit this very beautiful peninsula. Incredible sounds that only two centuries of marshy land inhabited by alligators and Indians, this American state will be a true paradise on earth. How it was actually easy to explain.

Rich people love them warm throughout the year and are far from big cities. Precisely Florida gives them that sense of peace and comfort, combined with nice sunny weather almost all year round. Is logically most attractions in Florida to be man-made (amusement parks, etc.), but this article will focus on the natural attractions in Florida. Here are the largest springs in the world, rivers that disappear into the ground, then spring back several kilometers from the soil.

As the overall altitude of the Florida peninsula is very low global warming act negatively on that state. There are several quite long underwater caves. One Beacon Woods is a total length of 18 km. The highest waterfall in Florida is Falling Waters Sink.Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Florida

Only during the rainy season can be observed. The water falls from 35 meters and lost in the narrow hole 6 meters wide. Historical attractions in Florida recommend to see Castillo de San Marco near St. Johns. Also called Fort Marion and serves to protect the city of St. Augustine of Caribbean pirates.

Fort Jefferson - located at the most distant island from Florida, who has collected 1,700 soldiers ready to defend the entrance to the bay.

Fort Zachary Taylor - located in the southernmost point of the peninsula and has the largest collection of cannons during the Civil War. One relatively new attraction in Florida is Coral Castle.

Represents hewn stone quite large, including eccentric Edward Leedskalnin managed to impress people that one person can accomplish much. Until his death was not known how he was able to pick up these large stones.

Thus wanted to show how the Egyptian pyramids were built to impress a woman. Pirate Soul Museum in St. Johns. One of the largest museums with exhibits of real pirates. Here is one of the flags of Jolly Roger himself and some of the treasures preserved after his death. Do not miss the attractions of Walt Disney, which will be discussed in more detail in another article. Visit the place where the shoot US space shuttles - Kennedy Space Center.

Access is limited, but outside also can feel the enormous scale of this launch site. The coastal zone is very well structured. There are beaches, behind which there are large hotel chains with all services for a wonderful holiday and for those of you who are looking for solitude has hundreds of miles of deserted beaches, most of which are palm trees.

Them most easily reached if you hire a yacht or high accessible car. The most beautiful beaches we believe are located in south beach Miami.

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