The most important attractions in England

Attractions in England are one of the most popular not only in Europe but throughout the world. Of course some are more historical than natural attractions, which is logical, given the ancient history of this great country. Since their number is too large, we will tell only the most interesting.

We start our walk with beautiful natural attractions in England. Brimham Rocks - interesting rock formations, even I would say strange because the rocks are on top of each other, balanced in an incredible way. Located in North Yorkshire, a favorite place for photographers and people looking for beautiful nature pictures in England. Seven Sisters - white rock formations in East Sussex, which can best be seen from the sea. If you're in the month of April in the county of Oxfordshire necessarily walk in the beech forest, which is littered with beautiful hyacinths - Badbury Hill.

Another such beauty is in Snowdrop Valley, with the difference that there are snowdrops in the forest. From archaeological attractions in England first place Stonehenge. Bookmark and Share

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Historical attractions in England

Represents large stone blocks upright and arranged in a circle. It is not clear yet what was their purpose, but it is known that there are 2,500 BC Another object of historical value is Hadrian's Wall. The length of the wall is 117 km, and currently only see its outline. There was a fortress gate with a rather impressive size - Knag Burn Gateway. Great interest to tourists are English castles built in medieval times, but they have noted in a previous article.

Another emblem of England and the capital London Bridge Tower Bridge. Built back in 1894, drawbridge length 244 m. The distance between the two towers over the River Thames is a mobile of 61 meters.

Eden Project - the largest greenhouses garden in England near the town of Cornwall. Under a plastic dome reinforced with steel frames are grown two systems for greenhouses. Tropical forest area of 1.56 hectares and Mediterranean conservatory area 0.654 ha. It is worth visiting the Royal Botanic Garden in London. This garden is one of the largest in the world.

Here there are over 30,000 plants and herbarium of 7 million copies. Other impressive with his scale attractions in England museums and galleries. We start with British Museum - you will see an amazing variety of exhibits from the whole development of mankind. Egyptian deities and mummies, Hellenistic culture, paintings of famous artists, even a statue of the moai of Easter Island. Another stop on our tour is the National Gallery in the capital London.

The gallery was founded in 1824 and includes paintings during the 13th century to the 20th century. All this is brought under the roof of a neoclassical building. National History Museum in London - there will not be bored because you expected one of the largest collections of natural, nearly 70 million copies.

Science Museum you will find copies of the oldest locomotives in the world and other incredibly interesting exhibits. Our walk ends with Victoria and Albert Museum. It is the largest museum of decorative and applied arts. There are 145 galleries who are at 4.5 million exhibits, murals and more.

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