The most important attractions in Cayman Islands

Attractions in Cayman Islands no means offshore banks and major hotel chains, which are known that islands. This overseas territory of the UK stands midway in the Caribbean between attractions in Cuba, attractions in Jamaica and Central America.

Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac  present total 262 square kilometers in the Cayman Islands. At the first visit of Christopher Columbus on the islands, he came across many turtles that lived freely in this area.

Hence the old name Las Tortugas. The capital George Town is located on the island of Grand Cayman and is the fifth largest financial center on earth. All major banks have offices in the capital. A curious fact is that the number of inhabitants of the Cayman Islands is less than the number of registered banks and companies.

Grand Cayman is the most modern island has the most attractions in Cayman Islands. Beautiful beaches, palm trees to the shore to keep the sun tourists very clean, warm water all year round, beautiful parrots, free-swimming turtles and of course the emblem of the islands - Palm orchid. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Cayman Islands

Visit the turtle farm, where you will witness all phases of growth and development of the turtles. Some of them subsequently set free. Furthermore Turtle Farm you can see the Earth iguana, alligators and beautiful feathered parrots.

Other interesting sites to visit are geysers Blow Halls, Botanical Garden and Queen Elizabeth II Park Cardinal. The second largest island of Cayman Marriage boasts a rocky landscape, plenty of underwater caves, exotic migratory birds decided to stay warm in the winter.

In other words Cayman Brac is the ideal place to relax away island's largest city. Interesting places to visit here are the reserve for parrots Museum Grand Cayman, bloody bay wall, etc.. Little Cayman does not shine with something special.

The most interesting attractions in Cayman Islands

Here live a hundred fishermen who fish survive, but it is forbidden to hunt turtles. The island is often attacked by hurricanes and therefore no tourist activity in this very small island.

Water tourism is very high, because the purity of the water and seabed varied and beautiful water fauna are fabulous. This is actually the safest place for underwater sports in the world, because no large sharks and other marine predators. All measures to ensure the safety of visitors.

Even has provided underwater walking at night to 10 meters using lanterns.

Everything described in this little article could become a reality for you eye visit these beautiful Caribbean islands. Service prices are not higher than those in Jamaica or the Bahamas.

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