Natural attractions in Canada

Attractions in Canada extends throughout the country from east to west and from south to north. This is the second largest country in the world after Russia and the largest area in North America. Canada is covered with coniferous and deciduous trees in a large plain part. Apart from the Rocky Mountains, which are located in western and northern regions where the Great Lakes are situated in the rest of the area is covered by hilly terrain.

Naturally it can be assumed that in this vast country so can still discover new landmarks, even though we know that Quebec Canada is one of the most advanced countries in the world. In our opinion, the most beautiful scenery is located in the western part of the country where you can enjoy the mountain scenery and beautiful glacial lakes. Natural attractions in Canada, which will greatly start with Mount Asgard Island Baffin. It is hard to describe this magnificent natural picture - better to see in actual size. These are two high 1000 m blown rocks that are a challenge for any climber. Bookmark and Share

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The most visited attractions in Canada

Constructed of light granite - see gallery mountain photography. Mount Thor Island Baffin - granite rocks with the highest difficulty of the climb and the largest displacement of the cliff 1250 meters and an average angle of 105 degrees (see picture 2). If you like high waterfalls deep visit British Columbia.

There are several waterfalls with extremely high drop of water - Alfred Creek Falls, Hunlen Falls, Deserted River Falls, Francis Falls and Helmcken Falls. Probably many of you have seen these great photos of Blue Lake Moraine, which is located in the Valley of Ten top height of 1885 meters. The blue color is best seen in the summer months due to the refraction of light.

There are several hiking trails last between 3-6 hours. For the Rockies and Niagara Falls will not write because there are separate articles on these attractions in Canada.

The most interesting attractions in Canada

Nature protection is a priority action for Canadians and for this purpose were built many national parks. The biggest protected areas National Park Banff - the oldest park in Canada. Situated to the west of the city of Calgary, Alberta.

Here is collected a heap everything can dream as a mountain landscape - coniferous forests, ice fields and glaciers. To the north is another beautiful park - Jasper National Park, the largest area in Canada. It includes part of the Rocky Mountains in the west, glaciers, lakes, beautiful waterfalls and hot springs. Although it is a protected area Jasper Park offers tourists rafting, fishing, skiing, camping and other recreational services activities.

This vast region include Pyramid mountain, Tonquin Valley, Maligne Lake, Medicine Lake and others. Our excursion will end with National Park Pacific Rim. Located in southwestern Canada with typical rugged topography and coniferous forests. The park is open to tourists from mid-March to end of October. The park is very popular because of its proximity to Vancouver.

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