The most visited attractions in Austria

Austria is a country in Central Europe, small in size but with beautiful scenery, especially in areas close to the Alps. The climate is temperate continental, with only a third of the country is flat - eastern Austria. Danube and its tributaries Inn, Tyrol, Drava, Morava and Salzach go east that are navigable.

Attractions in Austria are many and we have listed almost everyone, especially the castles in Austria, which previously devoted a whole article. Let's start our short list of the Prater in Vienna.

This is a big amusement park - the pride of the capital Vienna. Prater is the emblem of the Ferris wheel, but the kids have many attractions that you can actually see them at Disneyland.

Visit Schönbrunn Zoo, the oldest zoo in the world, which is located in the garden of Schönbrunn Palace. Here you will see entire ecosystems terrarium and aquarium and did not regret it. If you walk at night in the capital, do not miss the finest building - Vienna State Opera, which is one of the central avenues. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Austria

Night lights of the opera makes a magnificent sight. If possible, check out this attractions in Austria and the inside. Great interest to tourists are the Historical Museum and the Natural History Museum. Both buildings were built in the same architectural style. In the Natural History Museum has a rich collection of extinct species, including dinosaur skeletons.

The most famous federal state in Austria is Tyrol. Here are the most concentrated natural attractions, the best ski resorts St. Anton Akzamer Litsum and Igls. Majestic Alps occupy the greater part of the province Tyrol - this is the best destination for all kinds of winter sports. The largest park in Austria Hohe Tauern National Park is the second largest in Europe.

Here is the highest mountain in Austria Grossglockner peak, the largest glacier and well maintained huts awaiting tourists from around the world. Visit the medieval city of Kitzbuhel situated between the mountains Hahnenkamm and Kitzbühel Horn. Every year the town hosts the world ski racing, and the total length is 170 km runs served by 55 lifts. Capital of Tyrol is Innsbruck, which took place two winter Olympics.

Historical attractions in Austria

Besides skiing, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture of the city and witness the many cultural events. Salzburg, according to some it is the center of culture in Austria. Besides being the birthplace of the great composer Mozart, here you can go back in the past and feel the spirit of the past centuries.

There is an interesting place, which we strongly recommend. This is a green lake, summer, autumn and winter is a park for walking, and when they begin to melt snow becomes large deep lake to a depth of 8 meters. Besides most lakes in Carinthia becoming beach in the summer around them has beautiful castles perfect for a family walk. Austrians are very hospitable people who protect the environment until mania where you will see it if you visit landmarks in Austria.

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