The most beautiful attractions in Aqaba Jordan

Attractions in Aqaba Jordan that I saw during my trip to this part of the world. I start with my first impressions. Aqaba is a small town with a population of about 150,000. It is Jordan's only port, a strategic logistics and free trade area center. It is generally a quiet place to stroll around without worrying much.

The locals are used to tourists, especially merchants. They are not very annoying and like to bargain with their customers. The airport is small, it is located near the city about 7 km from the center, but you can not walk on it, because there are two military points through which only pass by car. I won't write about Aqaba hotels because I've only been to one.

The streets in the city are relatively clean, there is no traffic congestion, but the mentality of taxi drivers is the same as in Egypt. When they see tourists walking on the streets, they are always playing, which is super annoying.

The public beach is very small and narrow. During the summer season I do not know how tourists gather there. There are almost no toilets or very low sanitary facilities. Bookmark and Share

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The best Attractions in Aqaba Jordan

There is a large glass bottom boat available for viewing corals and colorful fish. The music on these boats is naturally Arabic and strong. On the beach in Aqaba you can smoke hookah and order their food. I forgot to tell you how expensive everything is. I will not mention the prices of goods and services, but it is the most expensive Arab country we have visited. I don't know why.

The sellers themselves, when offering their goods and bargaining, start at a very high price and hardly get away from it. From the sights in Aqaba Jordan we visited the ancient fortress, which is well preserved and is located next to the public beach. Entrance to the fortress is free of charge and in sunny weather it becomes amazing pictures.

We filmed in front of the mosque of Hussein Bin Ali, which we naturally did not enter because we are Christians. In addition, there was a major renovation of the street around it and everything was fenced. Since the public beach I mentioned is small, most tourists choose paid beaches that are east of the city. To get there you need a taxi or a rental car.

Admission to the complexes is between $ 10 and $ 20. The price includes a deck chair, a beach towel and a great lifeguard beach. Naturally, the bottom is much cleaner and better suited for European tourists. Generally the weather is mostly sunny, warm and dry. In my opinion, if you want to stay in this Jordanian city for longer, it is boring.

There is nowhere to walk, their streets are conquered by merchants and low-quality, low-cost goods are sold. I also noticed that their men love to stand on the public beach and watch foreign tourists in swimwear because their wives are covered with their clothes, which is why they hide their bodies. They even bathe dressed, which is super uncomfortable.

It is their choice as they understand religion. In conclusion, I would like to mention that most tourists come by plane to Aqaba because you do not have to pay for a visa. If you land by air in Amman, the visa is 40 yen or 60 dollars. Follow my next articles on Jordan to find out about this exotic country.

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