The most important attractions in Apo island

Attractions in Apo island Philippines, a small volcanic island located near Negros island and Cebu island. In its longest part, the island is only 3 km away and at its highest point is 120 meters. Despite its small size, the island is a popular destination destination. What attracts divers and snorkel is the diverse underwater world (about 650 species of fish and 400 species of coral are registered) and last but not least the opportunity to meet large sea turtles.

On the small island there is a possibility to stay, with the choice between 3 accommodation places. What would startling most people is that the island has electricity only 3.5 hours a day - somewhere between 18.00 and 21.30. One way to reach the island is to catch a bus or a jeep from Dumaguete Bayawan bus (buses are every 30 minutes) and ask the driver to leave you at Malatapay (this distance is taken in about 30-45 minutes).

From there, head to the port, which is about 500 meters away. Then you have to rent a boat to take you to Apo. You can choose between two types of boats to hire - smaller, which accommodates 4 passengers and more, accommodating 8 passengers. Even if you are fewer people, it is advisable to take a larger boat from the point of view of security. Besides, it's good to have some waterproof bag in which you can put your equipment and everything at your fingertips, because it is quite possible at the end of the journey to be the whole water-water. Given that we only had a day, we decided that it would be easier for us to join a diving company. We chose this to be the Harolds Dive Center. If you are on the nearby island of Siquijor, it is also possible to get to Apo with a company that organizes dives. Bookmark and Share

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We asked how informed Harolds Dive Center was, the driver looked tentatively and pointing at us one by one, said seriously "Ten-ten!" To which we barely kept ourselves up to laugh, especially when we remembered that the day before. Moreover, we had no intention of bargaining because we were in a hurry, and we would probably have agreed on $ 6. At the appointed hour, we were there to give us snorkel, flippers and life jackets, loaded into a van, and headed for the place where the boat was waiting for us. The boat was quite large and comfortable, as I said, we also had drinks. After a long journey, we arrived in the waters of Apo Island. Some of the group had come for diving, and another part like us - for snorkeling. I am generally happy with how the day went by. I just did not like the fact that we did not step on the island at all, because I was fond of the beaches and I missed the fact that I could not lie down on the sand. Otherwise, we stopped at 3 different locations around the island for diving and snorkeling, where the seats were selected to be comfortable for divers; in deeper waters.   As a man I can not swim well, naturally I did not part with the life jacket at all, like not being able to dive, little or much, limits the things that can be seen from the marine flora and fauna. Besides, at some point there was some excitement while I was in the water, when it became bad and I barely got back to the boat. I thought, "Finish, I miss the rest of the day!", But fortunately, after I ate lunch, I passed and continued to enjoy the excursion. On the other hand, I was very happy that I could still see a sea turtle and even for a while we swam with her. Other attractions on Apo Philippines are:
Coconut point - Located in the northwest of the island. The place is only for advanced divers because there is a danger of sharks and barracuda.
Chapel's Point - is located in the western part of Apo Island. Here you can see barracuda, tuna and various types of coral.

Rock Point - This is a rock at the southern edge of Apo Island. The waves of the sea are great, but the sea world is rich enough. You can see white tip reef sharks, sea snake and coral.
Mamsa Point - located in the eastern part of Apo Island. Here you can watch lionfish, scorpion fish and white tip reef sharks.

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