Top 10 attractions around Escalante Utah

Extremely impressive attractions around Escalante Utah, which you can visit if you are in this part of the United States. We will take a small walk and show you many interesting pictures of these natural phenomena.

Lower Calf Creek - a beautiful place for hiking. If you want to travel about 10 km.

You will enjoy a variety of landscapes, great rock formations and, of course, the waterfall itself. It is good to keep track of the weather forecast because in Bryce Canyon the heat is very high.

Follow the directions on the map and do not stay away from the hiking trail. Bring a lot of water, because there is no trail. Do not miss the pictograms on the cliff next to Lower Calf Creek. Devil's Garden, incredible rock formations just 20 km from the road.

You can walk on a black pebble road or a high passable car. Devil's Garden area is not very large, but it's worth spending at least a few hours there and taking nice panoramic photos. The natural landmark itself is a giant rock balanced on top of one another and several rock arches between them. Bookmark and Share

Escalante Utah photogallery

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The best experience in Escalante Utah

Zebra slot canyon, the narrowest in the world. Suitable for walking in all ages is not very tiring. The walls of the rocks are very well colored in bright colors with slight climbing on them. You need to have the appropriate shoes and a desire to walk for several hours. In places in the Zebra slot canyon there is water that can not be drunk, but it can eventually get wet. Compared to Peek a boo and Spooky is much shorter.

The Hole In The Rock Road is an amazing adventure and stunning rocks. Remarkable views will make you breathless. A seemingly inhospitable landscape and a gravel road that becomes impassable if it rains soon. It's a 12 mile country road right up to Powell Lake in Glen Canyon. Carry a spare tire in the car and enjoy the trip.

Spooky Gulch, Great place to climb, if you have a rope for this purpose. Bring your friends to enjoy these beautiful trainings. If you want to hire a driver to see everything in this area.

Peek a Boo slot, located 42 km south of Escalante. The total route is about 5 km, and climbing is difficult in some places. It is advisable to first go north, then go east to about 1 km, then go to a wide stream at Spooky Gulch. From there, head back to Dry Fork. All this takes about a few hours, so arm yourself with patience.

Golden Cathedral, an emblematic place for Escalante. This is an incredible natural bridge in Neon Canyon that will stop your breath! We recommend visiting this charismatic place early autumn or late spring. The march is one day, but bring everything you need in your backpack.

There are many interesting natural landmarks in Utah. Take every opportunity while you are young and have money. Pedestrian tourism and campsite are particularly useful.

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