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The largest continent on Earth with the most exotic and unique experiences for travelers and explorers are Asian tourist attractions. Christianity is widespread in South Korea, where about 25% of the population are Christians.In the Middle East, China and India are other more important Christian minorities. Islam is professes from the 1.26 million people in Asia and nearly 90% of all Muslims in the world. Home of Islam is the Middle East, where he continues to be the dominant religion. The largest Islamic country in the world is Indonesia. Muslims are the majority in most countries of Central Asia and in China they number between 20 and 100 million people. Asian tourist attractions are: The Great Wall in China, Forbidden City, Petra, Guilin, Angkor Wat, Shwedagon pagoda, Persepolis, Bagan, Petronas Tower, Baalbek, Borobudur, Shimanami Kaido, Yogyakarta, Luang Prabang and more...

Of course, the Great Wall is the most popular China attractions.

Most asian tourist attractions are Asian countries - China and Japan because these two asian cultures have given the most to the development of Asian continent.

Asia is the largest and the most densely populated continent on Earth. Bookmark and Share

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It covers 8.6% of the ground (or 29.4% of the mainland) and has a population in excess of 4 billion people.This represents about 60% of human population. The boundaries are not strictly defined, particularly those with Europe.

Given the size and variety of the population back from ancient times in many Asian cultures, areas and bringing together various people than one.

Most popular asian tourist attractions

Asia is also home to hundreds of languages that are grouped into few large linguistic groups.

There are a some isolated languages​​, among which are the largest Japanese and Korean. In some Asian countries find more than one official language. According to the ethnologist in Indonesia has over 600 languages ​​in India and 800 in the Philippines 100.

In asian continent, are spoken 23 of 30 most spoken languages ​​in the world, that rule only Mandarin Chinese as mother tongue or first foreign exceeds 1 billion. Arabic is owned by more than 220 million. Some of Asian tourist attractions are known around the world. Russia continues to be widely used in the former Soviet Union, but English is the official language in several Asian countries. The most interesting places to visit in this great country are concentrated in the attractions in Moscow.

The religions are Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Bahai faithare born in Western Asia. Judaism is the oldest of them is mainly practiced in Israel, home to the largest Jewish world population. Catholicism is dominating in East Timor and the Philippines. In Armenia, attractions in Cyprus, Georgia and Russia dominated Eastern Orthodoxy.

View photos on the website to make sure the beauty of the Asian tourist attractions. Sights, current travel information and pictures of the sights in Asian continent. Most of Asian tourist attractions are protected by UNESCO, so that future generations can enjoy them. For more tourist attractions click here ...

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