Attractions in Argentina, pearl of South America

Attractions in Argentina are the land of tango, beautiful waterfalls and wild desolate expanses.

Those of you who wish to visit this tourist destination has to start from the capital Buenos Aires and its Argentine festivals. First attractions in Argentina is Plaza de Mayo, the cultural center "San Martin", Casa Rosada presidential palace and the Cathedral Metropolitan.

The second largest city in Argentina is Cordoba and no way inferior to the capital, even her superior in its magnificent architecture. Visit attractions in Argentina and the Catholic Cathedral and numerous assemblages of colonial style buildings. The tourists who keen on nature will not stay unsatisfied. World famous waterfall "IguazĂș" in the eponymous national park consists of 300 cascading waterfalls, among which there is dense vegetation. The largest lakes in Northern Patagonia - Lake Nahuel Huapi. The area around the lake formed Nahuel Huapi National Park. Another natural attraction is Lake Buenos Aires, located between Argentina and Chile, as well as lakes Viedma and Argentino. They are filled with water from melting glaciers.

The view is incredible and the roar of the water is impressive. Early summer is the best time to visit because it is most deep. Bookmark and Share

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amazing fall in Argentina
Cape Horn natural attraction
Casa Rosada town
Argentina fall Iguaso
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natural attractions in Argentina Iguaso falls
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Patagonia forest and lakes
Patagonian mountains and peaks
beautiful wallpaper winter in Patagonia

Attractions in Argentina and tourist destinations

Waterfall itself is located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. It is located in a protected area where there are unique species of plants and animals. Another interesting attractions in Argentina is Patagonia. This is a large-area territory with small populations in southern Argentina and the bigest attractions in Chile. All these lakes attract many visitors decided to enjoy the attractions in Argentina, as in winter and summer. The area is suitable for skiing and other winter sports.

The most visited attractions in Argentina

This is beautiful and while wildlife land plains and petrified forests, fjords and rugged mountains of the Andes.

In the longest mountain range is the highest peak in South America - Aconcagua, 6962 meters high. The rich flora and fauna are other natural attractions in Argentina. It is dominated by coniferous plants like a fir, cypress, pine and cedar. In coastal waters teeming fish, lakes and rivers. Typical Argentina nature plants is that it changes with the change of geographical regions and climate. In the northeastern part of the country where it's warm and humid tropical vegetation is typical, including palms, lignum vitae, rosewood, and almost all types of lilac bushes and some endemics. It was a huge pile of rocks with no volcanic origin and glaciers that descend its slopes. If you decide to climb it must know that unless the necessary equipment you need permission from the authorities in Mendoza. Besides the mountain resorts are the best attractions in Argentina not missing such marine and mostly Miramar resort.

For those of you who fall for the cruises we can offer these to Cape Horn and Antarctica combined with Patagonia. And for dessert you enjoy the splendid culture of this attractions in South America country. Card is the tango - the most passionate and hot dance. All these Argentina nature lakes attract many visitors decided to enjoy the natural attractions in Argentina, as in winter and summer. More attractions click here ...

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