Estancia Tour - Fiesta Gaucha festival in Argentina

For those interested of festivals in Argentina and have a real encounter with the country's culture, Unicotrip offers the possibility of a great day in this remote part of attractions in South America. Argentina has unforgettable places to visit: natural wonders such as waterfalls and glaciers, magnificent architecture with colorful houses and tango bars. But, an unforgettable experience is the gaucho culture, an emblematic and interesting part of the country. In order to have an experiential approach to national culture, on the outskirts of the capital, gaucho festival takes place.

Most often festivals in Argentina had just for a national dance tango. Held in the capital Buenos Aires is one of the biggest attractions in Argentina.

The gauchos are a typical character of Argentina, their history, their food and their skills can be appreciated only 80 km from the city center in a Buenos Aires Estancia.

Estancia (ranch) The place is warm and peaceful. From the entry, you can appreciate the birdsong and the scent of flowers. Bookmark and Share

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Festivals in Argentina - very interesting places

The place is run by kindly people from the region who speak English, Spanish and French. In its vast open spaces there are the ranch house, a house dating from 1930, a dining room, a place of lodging, other sectors with tables, breakfast room, swimming pool, playground, stables and corrals. Estancia Day. Step by step.

Festivals in Argentina in the outskirts of Buenos Aires

Around 10 or 10.30 you will arrive to the ranch. At the entrance a gaucho will welcome you and talk about places to go within the countryside farm. At 11 reception is served with a typical gaucho starters, empanadas (sort of pie filled with meat individually), wine and juices. After enjoying the starters is time for activities like horseback riding, wagon and tractor rides, or simply enjoy the facilities, pool or solarium. Lunch is the unforgettable moment in the ranch.

They don't only serve a delicious roast, typical of Argentina, but also it is grilling nailed vertically on a stake and cooked with the heat of the wood. There are also multiple regional salads. And you can enjoy drinking regional (from Mendoza) wine too. At lunch there is a musical show, where the different rhythms from each area of Argentina are played.

Great musicians and dancers perform the show and, in addition to a tango show, they give a tango lesson for the audience! After lunch, A gaucho tell you a little about the history of the gauchos, then they perform a demonstration of Creole skills, activities which represents gaucho life.

The show consist in racing rings, fictional hunting and meek horses. Everything is explained nicely by iconic gauchos.

After 16 pm they serve a snack consisting in matecocido, a sort of tea based in yerba mate (a typical gaucho drink) and pastetitos (a fried pastry stuffed with quince paste). After snacks, you can perform many free activities bocce, volleyball, football, etc.. After a memorable stay, you will return to the city in just an hour.

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