10 Architectural sights in Milan

I have long wanted to see the architectural landmarks in Milan and I finally succeeded. A huge city with its own look and for a few hours I was there to visit the most important historical monuments. After we got off the bus to the Sforza's castle, my first impression was the calm atmosphere.

Sforza Castle is quite large and looks more like a prison in the Middle Ages or a fortress than a residence. But that is my personal opinion. The material used is bricks, well arranged and preserved for generations. Entrance is free and can be spent if you have more time and desire of course. Inside there is a large square and an art museum.

After the reunification of Italy was used as a military base. The most memorable of architectural landmarks in Milan is the Gothic cathedral. Extremely beautiful and deliciously decorated from the outside and inside. There are history facts that you can find in other attractions in Italy. It occupies 40,000 people, it is 157 meters long and 45 meters high. In front of it there is a large square and a natural monument of Victor Emanuel II. Bookmark and Share

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The best architectural sights in Milan

Here you can see many pigeons that are part of the square's attraction and black men who successfully earn money from tourists.

I do not know why the police are letting them do that, but they are not very annoying. Close to the cathedral is the Victor Emanuel Passage. We were quite impressed with this human creation. The mosaics are very original and colorful, and the shops and cafes are always full of people.

The building resembles a cross whose roof is glazed. At the center of the Victor Emmanuel passage there is a mosaic of a bull. The trust is if you turn around a few times and wish, something that will come true. I saw a lot of people who believed in this and did it, and some of them just enjoyed it.

This building connects the La Scala Opera and the Milan Cathedral. The fa├žade of the La Scala opera is not impressive, at least I have seen things. We could not come in because of the little time we had. I stayed with the conviction that there are shops of some fashion designers on every street.

As I strolled through the streets of Milan, I compared to landmarks in Florence, but there is some difference between these two cities. For example, Milan is much more spacious, while the streets of Florence are narrow and you can not make panoramic pictures of architecture. In other words, we liked more Milan.

They are very expensive and I did not see many customers inside. Overall, Milan liked me very much, and I would come back here again some sunny day. Architectural sights in Milan that you can still visit are: The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie where you can see Leonardo Da Vinci's famous "The Last Supper" fresco.

Access to it is limited and you have to wait a long time to see it. Basilica of Saint Ambrose, a very beautiful work of art, especially if you come to see it from the inside. The Royal Palace is also a good place to visit because there are paintings by Pablo Picasso. And who he is, you can study if you read such literature.

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