Attractions of Antilles in Atlantic Ocean

In Caribbean, adjacent to the North and Central America is so desired destination for tourists - attractions of Antilles (Antillas). According to its geographical position is divided into the Lesser Antilles and Greater Antilles. Islands with many attractions of Antilles are Haiti, Cuba, attractions in Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic belong to the Greater Antilles.

The biggest attractions in Cuba, as the largest island in Antilles, with a total area of ​​110,870 square kilometers The "Island of Freedom" is added around 4,000 small islands and coral reefs. The nature of this beautiful country is very specific.

It has over 300 very nice beaches, hilly terrain and limestone cliffs. The main occupation of the population is sugar cane, which are exported all over the world. The population is very poor, half mulatto. The most famous Varadero resort, never miss Havana.

Another interesting island with beautiful nature, discovered by Christopher Columbus Haiti. Dotted with mountains crossing island length and breadth of the plateau with the Sierra de Bauroko. The island was repeatedly hit by many natural disasters such as last earthquake was in 2010. Bookmark and Share

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Therefore, a decrease in visits by tourists to this beautiful island. A little to the south of Cuba and Haiti the island of Jamaica. The relief is planinki, plateau, and here is the highest peak in the Caribbean. The island is visited by tourists winter months because of the mild weather and weaker sun. Recommended places to visit are Port Antonio, the capital Kingston, Montego Bay and more.

Amazing and beautiful Attractions of Antilles

The second largest Antillean island is the Dominican Republic. Occupies the greater part of the island of Hispaniola. Santo Domingo is the capital of 3 million people. This is the destination of the rich West Indies and the best preserved of the country to natural disasters. There are many luxury resorts on the beach and many beautiful mountains, perfect for ecotourism. Last but not least is Puerto Rico. It borders the Dominican Republic and Haiti and east of the attractions of Virgin Islands.

Here the United States has a major impact, although the country is sovereign. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico. The most visited sights are Fort San Felipe del Morro, mountain Ceroo Punta, spiral reserve Maricao and caves in the canyon San Kristobal. From the Lesser Antilles may mention especially the island of Trinidad, which is a desirable tourist destination all year round. The island mostly like virgin forests and fabulous beaches. Total Lesser Antilles islands are about 50 of which can be mentioned only the most important tourist point of view. It depends on their geographical location.

On the leeward side of the islands are ocean currents Montserrat, Antigua, Saint Kitts. On the windward side are Barbeyros, Martinique, Grenadine Islands, Dominica, St. Vincent and Guadeloupe. In general, most of the Lesser Antilles are of volcanic or coral character. Have lower altitudes and are susceptible to the elements coming from the Atlantic. The hotel rates are high, as they are very poor countries. Unfortunately, quite far away, and most of them require a visa to reside there.

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