Interesting places in Antarctica - most windy and coldest continent

Interesting places in Antarctica is so vast territory that is difficult to imagine this white wilderness. The continent has no local population, excluding temporarily resident researchers from different countries on Earth.

For this reason, nature is not affected by human visitors, though few can touch the wild. One of the regular animal visitors to the Antarctic seals and penguins are not fearful of humans, rather than predators that stalking them in the ocean.

Most people who travel to Antarctica have returned from the white continent say that experience exceeds their expectations. The beauty interesting places in Antarctica is unmatched, it surpasses all expectations as a minor if you are travel to Antarctica, and the difficulties are soon forgotten. Bookmark and Share

South Shetland Islands are the first rocky mountains that emerge with huge glaciers hats that are detached long-distance floating icebergs. With tsevtove in electric blue and white, created by ice and water, it is hardly possible to be apparent, because it is so vital. Living conditions are very harsh and you must respect with the weather and ice features. The best way to see Antarctica, is to use Antarctica cruise. What can be seen when we travel to Antarctica, first Mount Erebus and volcano Terror, baptized by briton James Clark Ross.

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Unique experiences among interesting places in Antarctica

Volcano has four craters and the view from above is amazing. Only one of them is active crater. In fact, Nature of Antarctica is known as the white continent, but snow raining here very rarely, only 25 mm per year.

Interesting places in Antarctica - icy continent of the world

Therefore, the surface is covered with ice that was formed millions of years. Antarctica is the so-called "Dry Valleys".

This is Victoria Tyler  and  Wright. Every valley has its Salt Lake, which is piled with 4 meters of ice. Interestingly, the bottom of this lake temperature is +25 º C.

This is due to the so-called. the glass greenhouse effect, because the sun passing through this ice heats the lower layers of lake water.

Another interesting destination for people which travel to Antarctica with adventurous spirit is the highest point of Antarctica - Vincent array of height 4892 m.

Antarctica is the average highest continent on Earth, also the driest, most windy and coldest.

If you still decide to visit and travel to interesting places in Antarctica, it you must be very well prepared, both physically and mentally.

You can expect many trials and hopefully positive emotions if you travel to Antarctica. In Antarctica cruise will tell you, how in last years the ice has backed away into the land, because of global warming on the Earth. Nature of Antarctica as it was billions of years ago.

Humanity will hardly changed this icy continent Antarctica, because it is very remote and the conditions are very severe. Another interesting peculiarity of the Antarctic continent is no TV, internet and electricity.

Forget all the comforts of civilization. Even the toilets have two. For more tourist attractions click here ...

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