Marine attractions of Anguilla

The most interesting and exciting attractions of Anguilla are connected with the sea. This seemingly small island paradise, offers nature lovers a very nice family vacation, peace and quiet in the Caribbean.

Low altitude and harsh soil is not an obstacle here year-round leisure travel. The location on the island of Anguilla between the Virgin Islands and Antigua and Barbados is a prerequisite to developing tourism business. Around the main island there are several smaller islands that have no permanent population.

However, about Anguilla has many coral reefs, which are home to many fish. One of the most famous beaches of world fame is Maunday's Bay. Included among the ten most beautiful beaches on earth.

It is logical to assume that the island of Anguilla offers a similar experience as the main attractions of Virgin Islands and wedding attractions in Barbados and Antigua. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions of Anguilla

White sandy beaches and crystal clear warm water is ideal for pleasant emotions to tourists. The population is very hospitable, and small hotels offer good conditions at relatively low prices.

The climate is humid tropical with constant temperature between 25-31 ° C. The small Caribbean island has a few quiet bays around which you can find charming restaurants offering delicious seafood.

Locals offer many different works of art related to the lifestyle of Indians lived here before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1493.

Beautiful and unique attractions of Anguilla

Visit the Historical Museum Heritage Collection. Collection it is associated with the lifestyle of the indigenous tribe arauak.

Of water attractions worth diving into the reef Prickly Pear. There is an underwater canyon cave at a depth of about 20 meters. Around the island of Anguilla is an annual sailing regatta that ends with lavish carnival. Popular sports are cricket and rugby.

Other interesting attractions of Anguilla are horseback riding, scuba diving, golf, and excursions to the neighboring islands of Saint Martin and Saint Kitts and Nevis. If you want to laze in the shade of palm trees or laze on the beach, the island of Anguilla is your right destination.

The best conditions for a romantic holiday is during the months of November to April. Then the precipitation is at least the scenery is most beautiful island and Anguilla became a paradise for lovers.

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