Natural and historical attractions in Angola

The global tourist map attractions in Angola are not among the leaders and the country is relatively new in this kind of service. The tourism business is underdeveloped for two reasons: the recently ended civil war and its impact on the nature of the country. Can still be found as landmines, which kill animals and prevent researchers to explore this truly beautiful land.

The area of ​​Angola is really large, but for the curious traveler this is a real find. Everyone knows that Angola is a former Portuguese colony and have gone many slaves to South America and especially to Brazil.

Independence of the country has come too late, after the colonial countries Portugal and England were able to make almost everything here.

However nature has managed to recover not without the help of man and currently enjoys strong interest from visitors. Main attractions in Angola are four natural parks. The most popular national park it is Cameia. Located in Moxico Province with an average altitude of 1100 meters. Seasonally plains near to rivers and cause flooding beginning of the Zambezi River. Bookmark and Share

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falls Calendula in Angola
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Miradouro da Lua in Angola
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Waterfalls Calendula in Angola

Top 10 attractions in Angola

Outside the Park Cameia has extensive marsh areas in which there is a rich fauna. The next most important national park is Kangandala. It is the smallest in area in Angola in the province of Malanje. Located between river Cuanza and  river Cuije. An interesting fact about this beautiful park is that it has been formed during the Portuguese rule. Third National Park Iona. Very beautiful with lots of strange rock formations and abundant large wildlife.

Tempting and unique attractions in Angola

Unfortunately, many poachers in the past have exterminated these animals and now efforts are being made to restore the population. Mupa National Park is located in the southwestern province of Cunene.

In recent years, this park is expected to be thoroughly studied by ornithologists because of the rich bird life. Barrier still remain nomadic pastoralists in the park and other land mines that kill mostly giraffes and other large mammals.

It is interesting to note that attractions in Namibia are very similar to those in Angola since both countries have a common border.

Coastal areas are developed for maritime tourism except in the areas around the capital Luanda. The coastal strip is 1,650 kilometers long, but also sand and no vegetation there no conditions for international tourism. Incredibly beautiful and unique attractions in Angola are waterfalls Kalandula.

Located in the province Malanj, the height of the waterfall is 105 meters, especially when it is deep. Other impressive attractions in Angola are black rocks Phung Andong, winding mountain roads Serra da Leba, Planalto, Erod and other fortifications. Angola has introduced a visa regime for foreigners and this affects tourism as a desirable destination.

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