Top 10 attractions in Algeria

Exotic tourist attractions in Algeria are mostly along the Mediterranean coast, although the country is not a popular destination like Egypt and attractions on the Nile.

The area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlgeria is great, but for the most part in the Sahara Desert, for this reason, this African country is a living mainly in agriculture. Many years Algeria was a French colony and for the French language is preferable after Arabic. If you want to visit attractions in Algeria, here a short list of the most interesting:

Gardaya - this is a small town deep in the country, which has preserved the spirit of the Algerian people. The town was founded on the site of a large oasis within which is built of single-storey houses and a few mosques. Most streets are narrow covered with stones, and buildings are painted in bright colors.

There are several hotels for tourists and many markets where you can buy interesting souvenirs. Similar city Tamanrasset - an important stop for travelers who want to reach the Western Sahara. The best vehicle is riding camels. Bookmark and Share

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Exotic and unique attractions in Algeria

Most visited tourist attractions in Algeria is city Gemma. It was built around the 1st century BC on the site of a Roman garrison. Here are preserved many of the buildings of the Roman city as a Roman forum, triumphal arches, theater and several temples.

All the ruins of the ancient city of Gemma in the list of UNESCO. Natural attractions in Algeria can mention ravine of El Kantara. Located in northeastern Algeria and is a mountainous region in which they are passed in the past caravans of Eastern Sahara.

Here you can enjoy panoramic views of the Sahara desert during the day can be very hot summer, and at night a cold winter.

Most visited tourist attractions in Algeria

The largest city and capital is Algiers. Here you can see the great mix of both cultures - Arab and Christian. The capital city is near the Mediterranean Sea and the city itself is situated among steep cliffs of the high hills and beautiful parks equal seafront.

Visit the old town Casbah and its white buildings and narrow streets with pleasant cafes. Near it is the square of the fallen heroes and three mosques. Other interesting places to visit are the Palace of Nations , shopping street Larbi Ben Mhidi, the Palace of Culture built in the Moorish style and park Riad al Fath with carefully ordered stone paths in the spirit of Andalusian traditions.

Let us complete our short walk to the Castle Santa Cruz, which is a combination of Spanish and French cultures , city Tipaza, where you can find quite a few Roman ruins, churches and museums , and for nature lovers offering visits to the National Park Belzma.

Let's not forget the Roman city of Timgad, which has existed since the time of the Holy Roman Empire. There are well preserved basilica library even arch of Emperor Trajan.

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