The most important attractions in Aldabra

Make your experiment and mention the name Aldabra coral atoll to close or acquaintance who likes to brag that has traveled around the world and he knows every corner of the planet. You will see that this word will be unfamiliar. And anyone in his place would be sweating even find Aldabra in the atlas.

In fact the island to keep quiet in a very popular holiday paradise - near the Seychelles mythical archipelago northeast of Madagascar. Who so long hiding Aldabra? Who concluded in time coral donut sprung from the hollows of the Indian Ocean before 125,000 years?

Who and breathed so much magic and gave her irreplaceable palm oases among golden beaches dotted around its internal crystal clear sea? Aldabra had a chance to sink into oblivion for centuries, thanks to the paradoxical forgetfulness of history and geography. For this reason, the island will find hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and scuba diving clubs. Bookmark and Share

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Natural attractions in Aldabra

There are no visible traces of human presence, except for small scientific research base on an island Picard. With a little more luck Atoll can be visited by a handful of tourists as long as they do not violate the unwritten rules of the original Eden.

This is an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the ocean. In a universe in which man has not yet imposed a ruthless ruler. Today, the site can be visited by the ship "Indian Ocean Explorer" - former research vessel adapted for cruises in nature. The ship is approaching close to shore because the sharp coral barrier is dangerous all over the island and protecting it from unwanted visitors. A belt, the fruit of geological eras where Aldabra coral atoll sink to the bottom and again emerged from the depths of the Indian Ocean.

When you step ashore will welded endless and soft as velvet beach. Power Rangers will face the park, which very rarely have the opportunity to talk to foreigners. In terms of flora and fauna Aldabra coral atoll is like Noah's Ark unsinkable.

These small pieces of land have developed so many animal and plant species unique to these lands that even the most erudite scientists remain amazed. Here lives the largest population of giant land tortoises - whole 152 000 copies, which quietly graze on hilly terrain. At dusk other animal size XXL slips through the interior of the island.

These are coconut crabs leave their shelters and climb the palm trees to picking coconuts with its huge claws. In Aldabra happiest are ornithologists for which the archipelago is a real living encyclopedia. Here you can meet the only one bird without wings. It remained around 5,000 units.

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